Automotive Air Filters

[INQ. NO. 2109M18] DOOWON developed an air filter for automobiles in 1996 for the first time in Korea. As a leader of the cabin air filter market, the company focuses on the research and development of environmentally friendly products in pursuit of a healthy and clean environment.
Cabin air filters for automobiles purify the polluted air flowing into the car. It is an air purifier that prevents or reduces pollution caused by minute dust particles and exhaust gas.
Minute dust and contaminants are known to be harmful to the human body.
When people breathe in, a minute particle less than 10μm may reach and settle in the lungs, which can potentially cause respiratory disease or lung cancer.
DOOWON’s air filter is designed to block ultra-fine dust passing through the filter by improving dust removal capability. No antibacterial agents are used, so they are not inhaled through the filter. It takes just five minutes of easy replacement to make the inside air cleaner, safer and more pleasant.

Particle Filter
The particle filter uses micro fibers of electrostatic non-woven fabric which filter a range of contaminants flowing into the automobile – such as, minute dust, soot, road dust, pollen, mold, etc.

Automotive Air Filters

Combination Filter
The combination filter, with its combined structure of particle media and activated carbon, filters various pollutants such as exhaust gas from automobiles, VOC’s, ozone, harmful gas from cigarette smoking, etc.

Automotive Air Filters

Functional Filter
This filter performs multi-functions, and filters new kinds of contaminants and pollutants causing environmental pollution/contamination, such as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), allergies caused by pollen, ticks, yellow sand, ultra-fine particles, etc.

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