EGR Valve Housing

[INQ. NO. 2110M11] EGR valve, as a gasoline engine component used to improve fuel efficiency of engine-based vehicles, plays a role in recirculating a proper flow of exhaust gases required by an engine and supplying it to the air-intake part.
The EGR valve improves fuel-efficiency by reducing pumping losses and knocking, optimizing combustion and enhancing rich burn.
At present, DHG processes housings for five EGR valves (Gamma-2, Nu, Theta-2, Kappa 16 HEV) depending on the types of engine-based vehicles.
DHG is also researching and preparing for future cars and has completed research on and production of a relevant coolant heater housing
DHG is operating a one-stop manufacturing system from molding, casting, die-casting, machining, inspection and packing, all in one factory. All of the process lines are equipped with robots for automated production.

EGR Valve Housing

In addition, the company is also working hard to reduce errors while improving quality by introducing cutting-edge quality inspection equipment.
As such, DHG’s completed system is satisfying customers with high quality and competitive prices.

EGR Valve Housing

Including the main product of EGR valve, DHG will continue to mass-produce and provide various and verified products at customers’ requests with its own technical prowess.

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