Electronic & Industrial Scales, Packing Machines and PVC Wrap Film


[INQ. NO. 2110M05] Glo-Lee Vinci Corporation specializes in manufacturing electronic & industrial scales, packing machines and PVC wrap film. Since starting its business in 1996, Glo- Lee Vinci has been exporting these products to more than 45 countries.
Glo-Lee Vinci can offer the most competitive prices, and thus can satisfy its customers’ demands and needs. It is determined to continue meeting all its customers’ requirements and be a sincere partner with potential customers, both in local and overseas markets.

Hand Wrapper
Hand wrapper is among the manufacturer’s most representative items that can potentially lead its overseas drive for this year. It is highly suitable for wrapping food, fruits, etc. and has a strong body and long durability.
Certified with CE, it ensures good quality of processed products. The body of this wrapping machine is made of stainless steel for cleanliness. Combined operation of adhesion and cutting film is possible. The temperature of heating plate can be adjusted easily by one touch of the electronic control box.

Electronic & Industrial Scales, Packing Machines and PVC Wrap Film

PVC Wrap Film
PVC wrap film prevents moisture from food evaporation and keeps fish, vegetables, fruits and meats as fresh as possible with excellent oxygen permeability.
In addition, its perfect sanitation management system facilitates automatic packing for your safe use.

Electronic & Industrial Scales, Packing Machines and PVC Wrap Film

Label Printing Scale
It is easy to use and saves a lot of product information using a management program and entering every menu mode using a cut key. Users can save PLU data on up to 150 commodities into direct PLU keys and it can store up to 9,000 PLUs, 600 different ingredients, and 210 advertising messages using the standard memory.
Users can also design 100 different label formats and sizes with the user label program, as well as select from the nine pre-stored label formats and sizes.

Electronic & Industrial Scales, Packing Machines and PVC Wrap Film

Wire & Wireless Axle Scale
Industrial weighing is divided into wire/wireless axle, and the company’s axle has been approved for use in industrial environments that need strong durability and high precision.
Users can opt to select the weighing-in-motion, and reduce errors in weighing by lowering the height of axle pad. It comes with waterproof/dustproof of IP67/IP68 class, and it can be used repeatedly for one month after one-time charging.
It offers the option to weigh in motion without stopping and it has been approved by waterproof/dustproof IP67/ IP68 certification. It can be used repeatedly after one-time charging.

Electronic & Industrial Scales, Packing Machines and PVC Wrap Film

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