[INQ. NO. 2110M02] DAWOOMETAL is a company specialized in manufacturing faucets, considering the value of water important and thinking of the customer and nature together.
DAWOOMETAL is currently working hard to make products with honesty and integrity, prioritizing customers and trust. DAWOOMETAL has exported its products directly to Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya, and other countries.
The company’s outstanding product quality was well-received after it carried out the OEM production for Daelim B&CO from November 2012 to August 2018, then entered E-Mart in 2013 and conducted another OEM production for KELIM Ceramics Co., Ltd. from November, 2019 to March, 2021.
The types of products the company is manufacturing include faucets for washbasins (one-hole), showers (wall-mounted and one-hole shower) and kitchen sinks (wall-mounted and one-hole), subsidiary components (washbasin manual pop-ups, angle values and high-pressure hoses) and drinkable water faucets for public institutions (schools, government offices and parks).


In particular, angle values among all of the subsidiary components have been developed by using stainless steel, rather than the existing brass materials, and are being sold at affordable prices to gain market satisfaction and positive responses.


Considering how to save water and preserve the environment first by using water-saving components, DAWOOMETAL manufactures verified products with such certifications as KS (Korean Standards Association), KC (Korean Institute for Water Technology Certification), eco-friendly certification (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute), etc., all of which are officially authorized by the Korean government. And they are all simple, with sophisticated designs that are durable and easy-to-handle for anyone to easily and conveniently use.
There are always DAWOO’s products to be found in any pleasant living places.


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