Anti-Vibration Products

[INQ. NO. 2110M23] Since the establishment on March 1, 1986, NSV Co., Ltd. has manufactured products used to prevent noise, vibration and shocks for more than 30 years to greatly contribute to the growth of the construction sector.
NSV is still working hard to research and develop technologies related to earthquake-proof products which have recently gained much attention.
NSV, as a leader in the same industry in Korea, provides the utmost service with the best technology under the corporate vision of creating a pleasant environment.

Anti-Vibration Isolator
The anti-vibration isolator, as the key product of NSV, comes in two types: mount products and hanger products applied for air conditioners, cooling towers, pumps and others that create noise and vibrations in buildings in order to stop them from being delivered to buildings.

Anti-Vibration Isolator

Anti-Noise Equipment
The anti-noise equipment is used to reduce or eliminate noise delivered from such sound sources as air conditioners, etc.

Anti-Noise Equipment

Water Hammer Arrestor
The water hammer arrestor (Model: WHA), as a shock-preventing product, enables normal water flows by reducing high-level water-impact energy occurred in the pipe system due to sudden opening and closing of pipes.

Water Hammer Arrestor

Noise/Vibration Engineering to Construction
NSV evaluates noise/vibration occurred by facilities, related pipes and duct to target area/room/buildings such as FAB C/R, data center, multiple comlex, public institution and so on.
If each evaluation criteria is exceed, it is due for presenting optical measure to satisfy each criteria.

Noise/Vibration Engineering to Construction
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