Oxygen Generator


[INQ. NO. 2110M34] Established in May 2008, PURITECH, as an oxygen generator manufacturer, has built up its internal competency by acquiring a total of 31 patents at home and abroad, and ISO certificates, and by implementing national projects.
PURITECH strives constantly to develop innovative products in cooperation with external institutions such as the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, the Korea Institute of Energy Research, Sunmoon University, Hoseo University, and others.
PURITECH’s oxygen generator is an energy-saving, small-sized and lightweight product after developing the 2BED system used for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) type oxygen generators into optimized unit-based modules of 5Nm2/h.
While there are three sectors this oxygen generator is mainly used for: outdoors, industries, and fishery business; it is also widely used for such places where highly-concentrated oxygen is needed such as ozonizers, fish farms, hospitals, common housings (apartments) and indoor facilities (public buildings, schools, offices, department stores, airports, etc.).
In addition, this oxygen generator can be combined with micro-bubbles to turn highly concentrated oxygen into ultra-fine bubbles so that it can improve water-quality of rivers and reservoirs and be applied to wastewater-disposal facilities.

Oxygen Generator

While having the same performance compared with existing products, this oxygen generator reduces the installation space, weight and use pressure by 80%, 70%, and 40% respectively. It has also lowered the time consumed for the initial operation from 30 mins. to1 hour to less than 5 minutes.
As this oxygen generator comprises a number of modules, it can be still operable without facing a shutdown even when a single unit module is not functioning. And another advantage of the product is that it is convenient in terms of maintenance as it is free from pressure vessel inspection. As the oxygen generator consists of unit modules, it is very easy to expand the capacity of the product from 5Nm2/h to 100Nm2/h.
This product is registered for a patent No. 10-1779409, while has acquired NEP (New Excellent Product) certification in recognition of the technical performance; and it has been selected as an outstanding procurement product to be registered in the procurement system.
Puritech recently developed a modular large-capacity medical oxygen generator using its own technology, which obtained medical device certification (Certification number: 21-4717).
This product can be used in hospitals and medical facilities, allowing more than 90% purity oxygen to be supplied to patients.

Oxygen Generator

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