Hydraulic Parts


[INQ. NO. 2111M06] ALFA TECH Co., Ltd. specializes in hydraulic parts for earthmoving equipment. Its headquarters are located in Seoul and it mainly supplies hydraulic parts to equipment manufacturers and the after service market. ALFA TECH has grown significantly over the years and continues to improve and expand.
ALFA TECH has been a reliable and professional supplier to Doosan, Hyundai & Volvo for a long time. Currently it supplies parts for not only equipment produced in Korea, but also for international companies such as Hitachi, Komatsu, Caterpillar, JCB, Kobelco, Liebherr, etc.
In 2019, ALFA TECH successfully launched its own brand ‘MOTROS’ in order to trade its hydraulic technology in the international market. Motros is a composite word for ‘Motion + Control + System’. In other words, motros covers the entire hydraulics system that controls machines by hydraulics.
Its parts are widely used in various industries such as earthmoving equipment, vessels, industrial equipment, agricultural machines, etc. The company believes that these hydraulic parts produced under the name of Motros can make your machines and life work more efficiently.
Its manufactured main products are final drives, slewing motors, reduction gears, & main pumps. They are presented as below:

Hydraulic Parts

Final Drive
ALFA TECH’s final drive is compact with integrated reduction gear and multi-functioning valves. Advanced technology reduces power loss and ensures smooth start & stop. Also, the company has improved its overall mechanical efficiency for the best operation. It is now growing in popularity as the best OEM final drive in the world.

Slewing Motor
ALFA TECH’s slewing motors are fixed displacement axial piston motors for slewing applications. Integrated reduction gears and multi functioning valves can absorb pressure and shocks when the motor stops. This high technology ensures the machine works with high performance.

Hydraulic Parts

Main Pump
ALFA TECH’s main pump is designed to satisfy the marine, mobile and industrial markets where a medium/high pressure variable displacement pump is required. The company’s main pump has been selected as an OEM pump for world machinery proven for its high quality.

Reduction Gears
High-quality reduction gears can improve motor’s performance. ALFA TECH’s reduction gears guarantee precise operation and full performance of machines.

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