WiFi Filter


[INQ. NO. 2111M10] WIDU’s WiFi Filter is short for Wide Fiber Filter, which is “pull/rotation fiber filtering equipment” used to improve the water quality of purification facilities, sewage treatment plants, wastewater plants and re-circulated filteration facilities by utilizing the fiber filter media with activated carbon added inside the strainer.
To get the equipment started, the fiber filter media inside the strainer is pulled up and rotated, to control the pores and subsequent filtration, and then the backwash processes are repeated automatically.
When proceeding with filtration, the fiber filter media is compressed to shrink the size of the pores in a way of filtering out the suspended solids in the raw water. When reaching the set pressure and time, the backwash is started to wash out the suspended solids that are attached to the fiber filter media by using backwash water and air.
The use of the fiber filer media that is embedded with activated carbon is also able to remove simple suspended solids and improve not only turbidity, but also some colors.
Depending on the changes in the filling rate of the filter media and thickness of the fiber, the efficiency of the filtration and backwash can be enhanced.

WiFi Filter

As the backwash air chamber is placed inside the strainer, it is possible to blow the backwash air out evenly.
When proceeding with the backwashing process, the backwash air from the bottom of the fiber filter media is evenly emitted, resulting in enhancing the efficiency of the backwashing process.
By adding variety to the pores of the filter media through compression and relaxation processes when doing the filtration and backwash, the efficiency of the filtration and backwash is outstanding.
The filtering equipment can be manufactured in both compression and gravity types.

WiFi Filter

The filtering equipment is excellent in terms of performance and it is simple to do the backwash with only a small amount of backwash water needed. In addition, the filling rate of the fiber filter media can be adjusted and the filter media can be manufactured and replaced with ease.
Thanks to the simple internal structure, the equipment is easy to maintain and is effective in reducing costs as it needs only a minimum area for its installation.
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