Industrial Reels

[INQ. NO. 2111M19] A reel is a common item we encounter in our daily lives, such as a vacuum cleaner reel used to automatically rewind the cable after it was pulled out.
Meanwhile, an industrial reel is a device that is based on the same principle and applied to manufacturing facilities and industrial and service sites so as to keep workplaces neat and tidy, secure cleanness, and increase safety, work efficiency and productivity of workers.
Moreover, a reel is also used as an essential supporting item attached to various special vehicles (fire trucks, expensive ladder trucks, etc.), as well as to cranes, heavy equipment, etc., to increase their functions and added value.
Cables or hoses are needed to deliver or supply electricity, air, water, oil, gas, etc., on sites for manufacturing, farming, construction, mining, ports, vessels, special vehicles, cranes, heavy equipment, and for service sites (repair shops, gas stations, kitchens, etc.). In short, a reel is a device used to roll up such cables and hoses and pull them up when necessary.

Industrial Reels

Industrial reels are divided into versatile standard reels and customized reels specifically manufactured for work site conditions. In particular, those customized reels, which are used for very dangerous environments including mines, oceans, etc., require advanced designs and engineering technologies.
Depending on the types of driving systems, there are hand crank reels, spring-driven reels, and motor-driven reels. And they are also categorized into cable reels, air reels, oil reels, gas hose reels, etc., based on the medium delivered and supplied.

Industrial Reels

The CEO of Koreel explains, “We’ve put our utmost efforts into researching and developing reels in cooperation with experts, believing that industrial reels are essential items for future machinery. We’ve also given priority to the value of our efforts, rather than the numerical results of sales. Thanks to such endeavors, we could upgrade various machines including a number of special vehicles.”

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