Car Wash Bucket Kit

[INQ. NO. 2112M07] Since its establishment in 1993, BIOLIGHT Co., Ltd. has been producing and selling items and light bulbs used for vehicles, and strives to provide pleasant and comfortable driving conditions for drivers.
BIOLIGHT has recently launched BUTONE, a car wash bucket kit. With one BUTONE bucket package, you can completely wash and polish your car with ease. You need not even purchase additional items, as the package comes with a car wash shampoo, an iron remover, an all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, a quick detailer and towels in four types.

Car Wash Bucket Kit

This product helps you to completely wash your car with convenience as it perfectly takes care of customers’ needs. It is thus a perfect item for those who wash their cars for the first time, and those who wash their vehicles regularly.
Meaning ‘luxury blue light,’ BUTONE expresses fancy images to target the younger generation. Along with the eye-catching design, the car shampoo that hands come into contact with uses ph7 neutrality for users’ safety.
As the quick detailer contains 10% more Sio2 (silicon dioxide) compared with competitors’ products, the luster lasts for about a month with just a single spraying. And the glass cleaner is very useful to secure a clear view when it rains as it helps you clean the glass perfectly and make it water-repellent. As it dries out within 30 seconds after being sprayed, it does not leave stains and keeps the surface of the glass clear.

Car Wash Bucket Kit

The streak-free, incredible gloss, quick detailer is guaranteed to outshine the competition providing high gloss and deep shine.
Since its establishment in 1993, BIOLIGHT has been manufacturing and selling automobile headlight bulbs. The company is mainly supplying halogen, HID, LED, and general bulbs. Since the establishment of halogen and LED production lines, all the bulbs are manufactured domestically. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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