Safety Roller Barriers

[INQ. NO. 2201M02] Korea Safety Innovation Co., Ltd., established in 1986, started its business by positioning itself as a specialized manufacturer of steel structures such as guard rail, design fence, sound barrier, etc.
Currently, there are many products listed on its website to which buyers can refer.
KSI has been exporting its top-quality products to overseas markets for more than 10 years.
Among its many of competitive products, the currently flagship item for export is safety roller barriers, which currently lead the company’s export drive.

Safety Roller Barriers

KSI’s safety roller barrier is one of its unique guard rails to prevent major accidents in the event of a vehicle collision, and it can minimize damage to both driver and passengers.
Basically, it was invented to prevent the accident in advance and minimize casualties in the most accident prone spots.
This product was born after passing of collision tests in real-life situations. For this product, KSI received a total of more than 600 certifications and patents from both Korea and abroad.
The operational principle is converting impact energy into rotational energy by rotating the safety roller when a vehicle crashes into the guardrail.

Safety Roller Barriers

For this reason the roller was named as a shock-absorbing roller.
In particular, Posts made of galvanized steel can be made of POSMAC material at the request of customers in consideration of the installation site environment, and thus demonstrates its strong features of protection against salt and moisture, longer lifespan, and lower maintenance costs.
KSI signed a technical partnership with POSCO via an MOU, which was a noteworthy achievement.

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