Automotive Interior Components

Winner of the $ 700 Million Export Tower Award

[INQ. NO. 2201M05] Duckyang Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in 1977. Its headquarters and main plant are located in Ulsan, which is considered to be the main industrial city of Korea. And its second/third plants are located in Gyeongju and Yesan. Duckyang’s sales amount is approximately $11 billion per year.
The company started its business by supplying crash pads, a plastic item covering the front automotive part on the dashboard for Hyundai Motor Company’s first-ever car, the Pony, which was the original model leading up to Hyundai Motor’s latest electric car, IONIQ 5.
At this time, Duckyang is manufacturing mainly cockpit modules, door trims, and crash pads, which are automotive interior components. Among these, the cockpit module is the company’s best sales item. It is assembled to accommodate audio, air conditioner, airbag, etc., for a total of approximately 130 items in the front automotive parts around the driver’s seat. It is known as ‘Modulization.’

Automotive Interior Components

Currently, Duckyang is supplying these items for most of Hyundai Motor’s models manufactured in Ulsan Plant, Korea. Duckyang contributes to Korea automotive export industry by supplying interior parts to exported Hyundai Motor’s models, known as indirect export.
In addition, Duckyang was not satisfied with only making interior parts, so the company sought new business opportunities. Finally, with the paradigm trend changes in auto industrial from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars to EVs (Electric Vehicles), Duckyang succeeded in developing the components for EVs. These include BMA (Battery Module Assembly) and ESS (Energy Storage System). Regarding BMA, Duckyang was awarded as an R&D national organization hosted by KIAT (Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology).

Automotive Interior Components

Also, its 2020 year exports increased by 4% compared with the 2019 year export amount, despite the challenging conditions caused by COVID-19. And with the increasing the demand for EVs, it is expected that export amounts will increase further.
Also Duckyang has a separate R&D department, and its R&D facilities are located in Suwon and Gyeongju, respectively. With regard to the cockpit module, which is currently one of the main items company successfully focused on decreasing the weight. Not only through R&D, Duckyang also constantly seeks to ensure top-class quality.

Automotive Interior Components

As a result, Duckyang received the 2021 National Quality Competitiveness Excellent Corporation award from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and energy for eight consecutive years.
Lastly, based on this experience, Duckyang is preparing for the future and seeking to expand its business yet further. The first step was establishing Duckyang America in the state of Georgia, USA, with SK Innovation for BMA and ESS business. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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