Special Automatic Valves and On-off Valves


[INQ. NO. 2201M15] GvK Industry Co., Ltd. is developing, designing, manufacturing, and supplying to the global market, special automatic valves and on-off valves, and is one of the pioneers of auto-valves such as on-off valves, as well as control valves in the oil & gas plant field.
GvK Industry was established in 2020 as a professional manufacturer producing all kinds of automatic-valves used in hyper-connection and hyper-intelligence control systems for the 4th industrial era process plants.

Special Automatic Valves and On-off Valves

In particular, GvK Industry has supplied various control valves to valve manufacturers around the world through OEM and ODM business. GvK Industry is not only at the forefront of its design and manufacturing business, but has also established itself as a leader in test-qualified equipment, personnel and technical capabilities and related business products in Korea.
GvK Industry strives to ensure high efficiency by reducing the highest production cost, to continuously improve quality-assurance regulations, and to accumulate Hyper-Intelligence Valve Engineering (HIVE) technology.
GvK Industry is a successful company with strong internal capabilities and growth engines capable of using resources, technological leadership and meeting customer needs. GvK Industry is ready to apply our industry-tailored experience and solutions to work for you.

Special Automatic Valves and On-off Valves

Market dynamics, technical complexity and the unyielding pressure to do more with less are challenges facing all industries. Yet each industry is unique, and there are no simple answers. To reach your goals, you need a partner who speaks the language of your industry to solve any kind of problem in automation systems of piping plants.
GvK Industry has developed a comprehensive portfolio of industry expertise, with a network of global industry centers and thousands of industry and application experts, many of whom have faced the same challenges you do today.

Special Automatic Valves and On-off Valves

GvK Industry designs, manufactures and installs customized, highly engineered flow control solutions for new plant builds, and also provides complete plant lifecycle service support. This ensures that our customers benefit from efficient maintenance, speedy issue resolution and plant optimization at all times.
With decades of experience in helping the energy industry and other industrial process industries manage the flow of hazardous gases and fluids safely and efficiently, GvK Industry has unrivalled knowledge of and experience in flow-control technologies. GvK Industry places a range of in-house specialists at its customers’ disposal to solve process flow problems in power, nuclear, oil & gas, and petrochemical plants.

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