Steering Drive Part (Cage)

[INQ. NO. 2202M04] Half shaft is composed of a constant velocity joint and spindle. The steering drive parts to be placed in a constant velocity joint include cage, inner race, outer race, and ball bearing.
Cage fulfills the role of controlling ball bearings in the position between inner race and outer race, and its function is largely related to the noise generated in the vehicle’s spindle in rotary motion.
Cage is currently being applied to all kinds of next-generation vehicles including Electric Vehicles (EVs). Cage, in EVs, is capable of delivering motor power, and of connecting the vehicle’s rotary spindle and engine’s rotary spindle through being used in the spindle that connects the drive wheel.

Steering Drive Part (Cage)

Cage is a steering drive component applicable to all types of next-generation vehicles including BEV, HEV, PHEV, PCEV, etc. and autonomous driving systems, along with the existing internal combustion engines.
In general, the manufacturing process of cage consists of such stages as cutting, turning, piercing, broaching, heat treatment, and polishing. Among them, SAMMI Co., Ltd. is currently only engaged in the polishing process that requires high precision.
The polishing processing is composed of three parts – centerless process in the outer diameter process; high-frequency air spindle high-speed polishing in the inner diameter process; and high-frequency air spindle window polishing in the window process.

Steering Drive Part (Cage)

In deciding cage’s quality-level, the two are essential components – window uniformity and error degree – are determined in the polishing process.
SAMMI, as a professional polishing and process enterprise, has been producing cages to be inserted in constant velocity joints – a vehicle’s steering drive component. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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