Valve Actuators

[INQ. NO. 2202M13] KOSAPLUS Co., Ltd., as a valve actuator manufacturer, is directly mass-producing pneumatic actuators and electric actuators based on its experience built up over many years, and providing them to clients at reasonable prices.
The manufacturer is located in Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Machining is processed on the 1st floor and the pneumatic actuator assembly team and the main office are located on the 2nd floor. Meanwhile, the electric actuator assembly team and research institute are on the 3rd floor, and product durability tests are conducted on the 4th floor.

Valve Actuators

Pneumatic actuator
KOSAPLUS’s pneumatic actuators are divided into two types – scotch yoke and rack pinion – and come in various sizes from Ø32 to Ø300. The company produces around 200,000 units through automatic machines per year to meet the on-site needs of users.
The company offers a number of available options such as side sensors and top sensors for those sites requiring compact products like semiconductors and Teflon-coated products for food-producing factories.

Valve Actuators

Electric actuator
KOSAPLUS’s electric actuators range from 8Nm to 1200Nm model lines with explosion proof (IECEX, ATEX in the process) are models available. Small-sized models under KE008 also use AC motors to block electric errors arising from converting at the beginning. As for those models above KE010 (100Nm), they boast high torque and durability compared with their sizes as they are based on scotch yoke methods utilizing TM.
Each and every one of the models comes with a separate terminal box for users to have tidy and neat experiences and they are proving popular thanks to their refined designs.

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