Waste Styrofoam Baler


[INQ. NO. 2203M02] SERIM Machinery has developed technology of an odorless, nontoxic steam-compression method of waste Styrofoam compression — unlike the existing heat wire baling treatment method for waste Styrofoam — and thus manufactures stationary balers and movable balers.
The existing heat baling method was only capable of recycling good-quality Styrofoam, with such some problems as: excessive logistics costs caused by too much volume and collection & transportation; impossible to recycle if containing foreign objects; and the generation of toxic gas and odors.
SERIM Machinery’s steam compression method, however, is a product that can be eco-friendly recycled by overcoming such problems.

Waste Styrofoam Baler

SERIM Machinery manufactures and delivers waste Styrofoam balers to local governments including Wando county and Haenam county in Jeollanam-do Province, etc., which have been concerned over the occurrence of too much waste buoys and it thus helped those local governments not only to decrease marine wastes, but also to save budget expenditure significantly through recycling.
In particular, SERIM Machinery is currently receiving many good reports from fishermen in several fishing village societies where the company processes Styrofoam buoys — a main culprit of marine wastes — on each spot by using a movable waste Styrofoam baler (Patent No. 10-0618317).

Waste Styrofoam Baler

Furthermore, SERIM Machinery is expanding its business area into the recycling of Styrofoam packing materials containing foreign objects including urban residential wastes as well.
The president of SERIM Machinery noted, “We will take the initiative to support the global issue of carbon neutrality policy through stable processing of waste Styrofoam, etc., and thus to create a cleaner environment.”
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