7kW EV Home Charger


[INQ. NO. 2203M13] Established in 2007, after starting out as a leader in developing measuring instruments and measurement automation, Infinity Works has become recognized as a company that develops and deploys high-quality products with stability and accuracy, from which Infinity Works could advance to the ‘new normal’ of EV chargers.
As one of the exhibitors of CES in Las Vegas in 2022, Infinity Works has showcased the 7kW smart home charger, which has features of modern design with five different covers, micro-size smaller than A4-size — as well as competitive prices by using a smartphone application to manage and control the charger.

7kW EV Home Charger

Also, the 20kW portable charger that can be applied to the insurance company, EV showroom, auto-repair shop, etc. attracted keen interest from CES attendees, which has promoted the high technology of Infinity Works globally.
Infinity Works’ 7kW smart home charger has four distinctive characteristics compared to other general home chargers: First of all, it has a fantastic and modern design with five different cover colors for customer preferences. Also, customers can check charging status through the front LED-lighting display.
Secondly, the size of the main body is smaller than A4-size paper by 3D CAD design with a compact space that is designed by Infinity Works engineers.

7kW EV Home Charger

Thirdly, Infinity Works is proud of its competitive price with higher quality and performance. Infinity Works has achieved cost-minimization by single board design and quality-control through precise automatic inspection equipment. Also, the charger has adopted a smartphone application to monitor and check charging status, as well as to control charging power just by touching the phone screen.

7kW EV Home Charger

Finally, Infinity Works has acquired CE certification to export overseas and attracted strong interest from various attendees during CES in Las Vegas this year, where Infinity Works is seeking to further open its overseas markets, to achieve sales of more than 10,000 sets of home chargers this year.

7kW EV Home Charger

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