Secondary Batteries for EVs

[INQ. NO. 2204M03] LG ENERGY SOLUTION, LTD., as the first company to initiate secondary battery-related research in Korea in 1992, has been steadily taking on challenges and accumulating innovation capability regarding secondary batteries.
As a result of such efforts, LG ENERGY SOLUTION has grown into a company equipped with four strengths that determine its future growth potential – technology, products, customers, and production capability.

Secondary Batteries for EVs

LG ENERGY SOLUTION has developed many technologies and products that deserve to be called the world’s first. For example, its three representative technologies are – double layer coating technology that decreases the charging speed of batteries; high-nickel NCM (Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese); anode materials; and silicon cathode materials.
LG ENERGY SOLUTION also has further strengths in that it has a variety of platforms, from small to large, such as cylindrical, square, pouch, etc., ensuring that it can fully meet the price levels and performance expected by its customers.

Secondary Batteries for EVs

LG ENERGY SOLUTION operates global R&D centers, not only in Korea, but also in China, the United States, and Europe. After injecting KRW 5.3 trillion in R&D over the past decade, LG ENERGY came to hold 22,900 patents in the area of materials, processing, and some key technologies. At present, LG ENERGY has globally 3,300 R&D staffs.
A representative of the battery industry recently explained, “LG ENERGY SOLUTION has acquired various intellectual property rights (IPs) including battery packs, BMS (Battery Management Systems), etc., as well as cells.” He added, “Industry experts say that it is virtually impossible for rivals to develop new batteries that have nothing to do with these patents.”

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