EV Chargers


[INQ. NO. 2204M05] Daeyoung Chaevi Co., Ltd. manufactures, installs and operates a variety of chargers — from mobile chargers (3kW), to slow chargers (7kW, 50kW, 100kW), fast chargers (200kW), and ultra-fast chargers (400kW).
In addition, Daeyoung Chaevi provides solutions for using eco-friendly energy in various industrial sites by manufacturing smart moving chargers for distribution centers, bus chargers, and ultra-fast chargers.
Based on its cutting-edge HW electric vehicle charger manufacturing technology with an ergonomic design, Daeyoung Chaevi is developing and distributing 60 kinds of chargers that can work with all types of electric vehicles at home and abroad with its own technology.
Daeyoung Chaevi has, as a specialized company in charging infrastructure, built a ‘One-stop total solution’ from operation (CPO), to payment service, and mobility charging MSP business – in order to provide customer-oriented charging services.

EV Chargers

Super-Fast Charger (HIGHCONIC, 400kW)
Chaevi’s super-fast charger named ‘HIGHCONIC’ is the world’s-largest EV-charger with 400Kw output capacity. The liquid cooling cable effectively controls heat-generation during charging and enables faster and stable charging.
A wide display and a separate LED indicator allow users to intuitively understand the charging status. In addition, when charging starts, the charging cable that automatically moves to the front provides a pleasant charging experience for users.

EV Chargers

Charging Cables (DUOCONIC, 200 kW)
To maximize the profit of the charging-service provider, two charging cables are provided so that the vehicles can be charged at the same time. It is possible to satisfy a variety of users by selecting a charging type that meets customer needs, such as CCS1 and CCS2.

EV Chargers

AC Charger (11kW)
The highest capacity of Lv.2 charger of Chaevi, manufactured and finished with an ingenious design, can be used for both home and commercial purposes. The user recognition by RF card and NFC function enables effective management and operation.

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