Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer


[INQ. NO. 2205M02] RENO-S130 is a low-temperature plasma sterilizer that is often used in operation rooms or CSSD in general hospitals. It has numerous global sales records in more than 35 countries, verifying its high quality and great durability. This model provides convenient management and efficient sterilization power.

The BLUNIX60 is a washer-disinfector for cleaning, disinfecting and drying surgical instruments including tubular type, rigid type, hollow wares, glass wares, suction bottles, wash bowls, containers, etc. It is ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories and surgeries. It performs properly when its own detergents are used exclusively. There are two types of detergents; BLX-DN is a neutral type detergent; and BLX-DA is a weak, alkaline-type detergent. Users can choose either of them depending on materials or contaminants to be washed.
It is an internationally qualified product as it complies with the European standards for washers and disinfectors, namely, EN ISO 15883-1 and 2.

Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
RENO-D5O had double chambers so that it can divide the items into two different sections and it can maximize efficiency with two selectable chambers required for sterilization. It is mainly used in general hospitals and specialized ones. 

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