Electrolytic Capacitors


[INQ. NO. 2206M05] Samwha Electric is a global company specializing in Electrolytic Capacitors. It is continuously promoting global business for future industries by providing and expanding optimized products that can use energy more efficiently in order to realize “a value creation company for humanity and the environment.”
With the recent increase in demand for eco-friendly, high-value-added products, Samwha Electric is expanding its business to Korean and overseas customers in a wide range of fields such as 5G communication, eco-friendly cars, medical devices, LEDs, robots, IoT, wind power, solar power, ESS (energy storage system), and smart home appliances.

In particular, it has been supplying its own brand GREEN-CAP to the EDLC (Electric Double-Layer Capacitor) market worldwide for several years and is expanding its business area.
In addition, Samwha Electric, which launched a conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitor used in electric vehicles and 5G communication equipment, is drawing attention in the electronics market, which is leading the future with Korea’s excellent technology.
Samhwa Electric is exclusively supplying products optimized for high-performance data center dedicated SSDs jointly developed with customers. This is an SSD-only product, and by applying the original technology secured by Samhwa Electric, it has secured manufacturing technology using core materials developed in-house, and is participating in the development of a new next-generation SSD model.
By establishing a global marketing network of five sales subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, China, Thailand, and India in major overseas countries, with 15 major offices in each country, it is possible to satisfy customer demand stably and quickly.
In line with the increase in demand for eco-friendly vehicle infrastructure and eco-friendly power due to the expansion of environmental regulations in the future, Samwha Electric continues to be a leader in electrolytic capacitors. To this end, it is leading the development of products that meet the next-generation trends based on applied technologies and technological innovations centered on the R&D center of the headquarters.

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