Smart Agriculture Leader
[INQ. NO. 2206M15] Daedong Corporation has been improving the lives of farmers by mechanizing agriculture and is committed to becoming the future leader of agriculture by continuing its efforts for 100 years.
Daedong ‒ manufacturing tractors, combining, hand-cart type rice planting machines and eco-friendly tier-4 engine tractors for the first time in Korea ‒ is creating a new paradigm for the future of agriculture based on its smart agricultural machines. These include autonomous, unmanned driving machines, and precise agricultural solutions that maximize the output.

Daedong will be recognized as the history and the future of Korean agriculture that leads the world.
Daedong established a presence in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, and China., distributing its products in 70 countries under the brand name, KIOTI. In North America, as many as 430 dealers distribute KIOTI brand agricultural machines, and KIOTI is ranked the third in terms of market-share in the tractor market with horsepower is 60 or less. In Australia, Daedong achieved an 8% market-share in the first half of 2021, after two decades of business in the domestic market.
Daedong has a lineup of tractors ranging from 20 to 140 horsepower engines and can deliver tractors customized to each market.

HX Tractor of Daedong features luxurious design, the ultimate power, the best convenience, and smart remote management – it is a high-end tractor with premium specifications.
The RX Series tractors offer efficient operation, fuel efficiency, and task management.
Daedong was founded under the banner of ‘contributing to the country and society’ amid the ravages of liberation and war of the 20th century, and has led the development of Korean agriculture for over 70 years.
“We have recorded countless ‘firsts’ in history to become the No. 1 agricultural machinery company in Korea. We are now taking up the challenge of future agriculture to shape the new history of Daedong and the future of Korean agriculture. Continuous development and innovation, and our commitment to contribute to society through agricultural development – this is the DNA of Daedong,” noted the president of the company. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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