Parts and Materials for Power-Generation Facilitie

[INQ. NO. 2207M02] Dongsuh Industry Co., Ltd. is a machine parts manufacturer of in the field of power-generation facilities and specializes in various sealings — such as mechanical packing, die-formed ring, seals, and gaskets.

Services are provided in various industries including nuclear-power generation facilities, chemical-power generation facilities, and chemical plants.

Mechanical packing is a packing method in which a cross-section is squared using various materials according to the use environment, and is placed in the stuffing box of the valve and pump to prevent leakage by tightening the gland part.

Die-formed ring is a product made by compressing and molding a thin graphite tape according to the size of the mounting part, and is easy to install and remove, and has a low friction coefficient so that it can be widely used without the reciprocating and rotary shaft.

Spiral wound gasket is a product made using metal hoop and non-metal filler, and is the most ideal type of gasket with flexibility and resilience, which are essential requirements for high temperature and high pressure.

Spring-energized seal is composed of a spring and a jacket surrounding the spring, and when mounted, the lip of the jacket reaches the sealing surface by the elasticity of the spring and system pressure, and thus, the sealing effect is exhibited.

In addition, Dongsuh Industry produces various sealing products such as PTFE V-packaging and various metal seals, and Dongsuh has various certifications such as KHNP’s highest-grade Q rating, Kepco Trust Partner (KTP) certification, various patents, and NEP in pursuit of continuous R&D and quality.

Dongsuh Industry is advancing into global markets by organizing an overseas sales team based on experience and know-how accumulated over the past 30 years, including domestic power plants. Since three years ago, export results have been achieved through agency contracts between Thailand and Indonesia, and export results have also improved through large domestic companies that have entered markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Recently, its sales activities have been expanding further through agency contracts with Malaysian companies. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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