Linear Motion

[INQ. NO. 2208M02] SAMICK Precision Ind. Co., Ltd., as an enterprise that manufactures factory automation-related products as its specialty, produces and sells linear motion bearings and linear guide, based on its technical development.

Also, the company was selected for its worldwide first-class goods, raising the brand of the Republic of Korea.

For more than 30 years, SAMICK Precision Ind. has developed trusted and intensive business around the world and been selected for its world top class products by Korea.

Linear Bushings
Its most basic products of linear motion bearings are mainly used in devices with low load. They are manufactured in a variety of shapes & sizes including standard, flange, open type, adjustable type and super ball — and are used in factory automation equipment, general machinery, machine tools, packaging machines, food machines, measuring machines, and for loading, unloading, and transferring.

This product is a linear motion system that performs infinite linear motion in combination with a cylindrical LM shaft. Since the load ball and the LM shaft are in point contact, the allowable load is small but designed with minimal frictional resistance. The load ball is aligned in the LM shaft direction by an integrated retainer. Linear bushings are mainly used in precision equipment such as computers and peripherals, various measuring instruments, automatic recording devices, digital 3D measuring machines, multi-axis drilling machines, punching presses, tool grinding machines, automatic gas cutters, printing machines, card sorting machines, food packaging machines, etc. They are widely used in linear motion guides for industrial machines, exercise equipment, and wood machines.

Guide Masters
SAMICK’s guide master offers 4H (High load capacity, High accuracy, High Speed, and High rigidity) by needle rollers on polygonal guide comparing to the Guide with balls. SAMICK Guide Master guarantees longer life of die sets and the precise motion required for equipment by its high stiffness and straightness and smooth motion.

This product is a type of linear motion bearing, and by arranging needles in a polygonal structure, high rigidity that cannot be obtained from a ball guide is realized. It is a product with high precision, high speed performance, and long life.

With high rigidity, straightness and smooth movement, it is possible to maintain stable precision of the die set and precision upper and lower guides for a long period of time; and it is a product with improved durability against high speed and intermittent operation and vibration.

Guide masters are applied to the industry of Semiconductor, liquid crystal-related mounting device and inspection device, lifting/slide stage, robot arm, press machine, conveying device, guide for press unit for precision machines, punching molds for thick material, control function for positioning, jig, etc.

It is a guide that responds to the need for high rigidity, high speed, and straightness. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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