Semiconductor Parts

Contributing to the revitalization of the semiconductor ecosystem through operating global parts platform and R&D foundry business

[INQ. NO. 2208M08] “We are planning to provide more detailed services to the global semiconductor equipment market worth KRW 100 trillion by running parts supply-chain businesses after establishing global parts platforms” explained Kim Jeong-Woong (Bruce Lee), CEO of SurplusGLOBAL Inc., a semiconductor used-equipment platform company.

The CEO added, “We are also going to provide integrated parts solution supply chains by utilizing our experience we’ve built up for some 22 years in trading semiconductor used equipment, global network and marketing know-how.

We also expect that we can operate an optimized partsourcing system based on the part-repairing capability of EQ Global, one of our subsidiaries, and the marketplace that 1,000 or more people visit on a daily basis.”

“To create a semiconductor ecosystem in which material/parts/equipment manufacturers, universities, research institutes and others work and grow together, we are going to establish a 12-inch-based semiconductor R&D Foundry product performance assessment fabrication and contribute to revitalizing the ecosystem,” the CEO pointed out.

Establishing a semiconductor equipment cluster
To this end, SurplusGLOBAL which has been operating a leading global online marketplace for 22 years is establishing a semiconductor equipment cluster from July 2022, where semiconductor-related workforce, equipment, and facilities are shared, and operate a clean room with a size of 192 pyeong (or around 635m²) to provide R&D Foundry services in the cluster. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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