Weld Camera


[INQ. NO. 2208M10] A-Jin Well Tech Co., Ltd. is developing automatic welding integrated solutions, establishing welding systems, and providing engineering services in response to the rapidly changing welding market.

A-Jin Well Tech has developed special welding filters after carrying out R&D for two years and secured quality after conducting durability tests needed to guarantee definition better than imported cameras and apply actual sites. The greatest feature of the company’s camera is that it provides images most similar to actual visible colors.

Weld camera provides the world’s top-level image quality
As it maintains clear pictures while welding or preparing for welding, it provides the world’s top-level image quality that is most suitable for checking welding conditions of automatic welding equipment.
Based on the analog signal output method, the output of the welding camera enables the user to check the welding images in real time without time delays.

Welding process can be observed on a large-sized monitor in a welding training center and be recorded, which is very helpful for indoors as the recording can be shown through a projector.

The extreme telephoto lens used for welding laboratories makes it possible for one to observe lasers within 1mm, plasma, and arc flames. Considering the environment exposed to high temperature for a long time, heat-resisting and cooling functions have been improved to secure perfect heat resistance when applied to actual welding conditions in which the inside of the pipe is over 400°C.

Depending on options, wireless connections or ethernet based remote monitoring is possible. The performance of the product is well recognized as it is being supplied to a number of domestic companies including Hyundai Heavy Industries, etc., and exported to a German welding camera manufacturer.

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