Wheel Washer


[INQ. NO. 2208M12] ENTRA’s wheel washer is a machine applied to “facilities that suppress dust scattering” for the improvement of the air environment.

This washer is based on a high-speed cleaning method by utilizing sensors to detect a vehicle coming entering and departing. The evenly-arranged nozzles make it possible to perfectly and automatically clean wheels within the optimal time by simultaneously washing the sides, bottom, and tires of a vehicle.

All components are KS-certified to be used for and assembled into the washer. Particularly considering the fact that the machine is used in water, the main frame has sanding paints to prevent rust, and is also designed and manufactured to guarantee sufficient strength when being used.

It is possible to operate the machine in the optimal conditions at all times as it uses a high-performance water pump to automatically circulate washing water inside the tank, and an automatic water-supply device to supply the exact amount of consumed water.

DTW-241 washer provides a certain level of wheel cleaning effect
The DTW-241 washer provides a certain level of wheel-cleaning effect at all times as it can keep the wheel-washing water cleaner by automatically discharging deposits to the outside, thanks to the built-in conveyor system that runs for 3~10 minutes after washing the wheels.

ENTRA’s wheel washer can be used not only for facilities that suppress dust scattering, but also for large-sized livestock and agricultural farms and food ingredient distribution industries when an appropriate ratio of infectious-disease preventive medicine and disinfectant is added into the water tank.

ENTRA was established in 1995 to conserve the environment, which is the root of life, under the principle of humans first. Since its founding, the company has been making substantial investments in R&D, and working hard to satisfy customers by improving the quality, equipped with the best workforce and obtaining ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

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