Steel Pipes

[INQ. NO. 2208M26] Husteel Co., Ltd. is an expert steel pipe manufacturer established in 1967, accumulating 55 years of industrial experience.

Husteel, which has established its leading position as a steel pipe manufacturer, has been producing the best quality steel pipes by obtaining not only certifications such as JIS, API Monogram, UL mark, and KS — but also meeting standards such as DNV, GL Lloyd and ARAMCO.

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)
OCTG is the pipe used for mining crude oil or natural gas. Husteel is maintaining steady sales with mass-production of casings, such as API 5CT L80, N80, P110 grade (a pipe inserted in the well to prevent the collapse of the outer wall) and Tubing (a pipe inserted into the casing and transferring the oil and gas to the surface) which is J55 grade.

Husteel is maintaining a steady sales record especially in the North American region and supplying maximum 13-5/8” diameter high quality OCTG to various North American end-users.

Line Pipe
Line pipe is steel pipe used for transferring mined oil or gas. Husteel is manufacturing ERW carbon steel pipes of up to 24” diameter, and supplying various grades from API 5L Gr.B to X70 PSL2 for leading energy companies worldwide.

Today, it also continues supplying the sour service line pipe or pipe for off shore and low-temperature steel pipes that can resist the -45°C extremely cold environment of Canada.

In recognition of this quality, Husteel has recently participated in major projects of the world’s top-class energy companies such as Shell and Chevron, and has been supplying line pipes.

Husteel has three plants in Dangjin (Chungcheongnam do), Yeongam-gun (Jeollanam-do) and Danseong-gun (Daegu); and the capacity is one million tons of ERW steel pipe, and 40,000 tons of STS pipe per year.
Currently, Husteel is challenging itself to grow into a pipe leader. New factory construction is underway to introduce large-diameter LSAW steel pipe facilities in Gunsan National Industrial Complex II, and is scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2025.

When the ongoing investment is completed, Husteel will be able to produce LSAW along with the existing ERW and STS production, giving it the status of a comprehensive steel pipe company.

Based on its strength in quality, Husteel has been continuously expanding demand for its products in the high-quality line pipe market. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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