Wildlife-repelling Device


[INQ. NO. 2208M36] Since its establishment in 2007, SUNAO Co., Ltd. has carried out projects with public organizations nationwide and is now importing and selling wildlife repelling devices developed by Japanese technology.

SUNAO has collaborated in product development since two years ago, and DG603, one of the models released in 2021, is a popular product that is equipped with a timer and sold only in Korea.

As the company installs the device and carries out an on-site AS to repel wild animals, it has built up abundant practical experience. In addition, it is still cooperating with the HQs to improve product performance and develop new products.

The DG603, a wildlife-repelling device, runs for more than one month as it is powered by four D-type alkaline batteries. It is a semiconductor-based product that has a standard mode, a power mode, and a timer mode (which runs at a 12-hour interval).

After going through four-year-long experiments in mountainous areas, rice paddies, fields, and golf courses, it was developed and sold to customers in Japan and Korea for five years.

With frequencies ranging from 200 to 800Hz (the human vocal range), wild animals don’t like it at irregular intervals.

One device is able to prevent them from getting inside a radius of 3 to 40 meters. The device needs to be installed in and around the center of the crops to work properly and has a better and wider effect if there are no weeds or obstacles around.

Wildlife-repelling device with superior performance and effect
Because of its superior performance and effect, more than 10,000 units are sold in Japan and Korea each year, driving out wild animals such as elks, wild pigs, birds, bears, and others. As long as it is installed as instructed by the manual, it is an unrivaled product in terms of effectiveness (it has obtained a world patent).

Depending on which mode to use out of the three, it can run for one month, two months, or up to three months, powered by four D-type batteries. To get birds out, it should be installed at the 3rd height and at a place where there are no obstacles around for the sound to easily spread out.

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