Auto Parts

[INQ. NO. 2209M24] GMB Korea Corporation was founded in 1979 and is a specialized auto-parts manufacturing company with 43 years of experience.

Started with precision metal processing parts, in line with vehicle trends, GMB Korea is currently spurring the development and mass-production of electronic parts.

GMB Korea is supplying electronic water pumps, oil pumps, and integrated thermal management module parts for thermal management control of electric and hydrogen vehicles to domestic OEMs and global automobiles, and also actively supplying mechanical parts to the global aftermarket.

With its brand “GMB,” GMB Korea is not only supplying internal combustion engine passenger cars to OE around the world, but also supplying to the aftermarket.

Its representative items include tensioner & idler bearings, wheel bearings, clutch bearings, water pumps, universal joints, suspension, oil pumps, etc., and recently it also launched electric water pumps for internal combustion engines.

These are used in the timing system for the regular piston action of the vehicle engine. The accessory belt is used to transmit the driving force of the crank to each accessory.

The auto drive tensioner keeps the belt tension constant, preventing excessive tension fluctuations and belt slip from engine vibration. It also enables stable power train and is well respected by customers for its wide range of vehicle coverage and high quality.

Water pumps
Water pumps prevent the engine from overheating by circulating the coolant by circulating the heat generated by the vehicle, and is one of the company’s products with high global sales share.

In particular, water pump bearings are a core component and they are manufactured by GMB itself. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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