Special Vehicles


[INQ. NO. 2209M20] Jungwoo Precision & Industry Co., Ltd. has been producing special vehicles from 1974 to the present, manufacturing high-quality products based on its accumulated technology and know-how. It also holds patents for important parts such as pressure vessels and tank-related parts.

Furthermore, Jungwoo has many workers who have been together for a long time. This ensures that the company can respond quickly if vehicle management and follow-up measures arise, even after shipment.

In addition, important parts are manufactured and used with its own technology through its own processing department, so rapid action is possible in case of product defects or damage.

Based on many years of experience in the production of tank lorries, Jungwoo’s tank has high completeness quality which is an important factor. And Jungwoo’s products met the certification standards after being verified by the Korea Fire Industry Institute during the production process.

In addition, Jungwoo conducts multiple operational verification under various conditions through inspection at its own test site to prevent problems when using the product. Jungwoo also tries to look at it from the user’s point of view, and makes fire trucks as safe and easy to use as possible.

Fire trucks, aircraft refuellers, aircraft-towing tractors
A refueling vehicle is designed to fuel or defuel an aircraft or helicopter without using an external refueling device. Unlike vehicles, aircraft are sensitive and precision products. During fueling, the most important thing is maintaining constant pressure. Jungwoo designed this vehicle to easily control such environments. Jungwoo is a main supplier to the Republic of Korea Air Force or Navy, which has and uses a large number of aircraft. In addition, Jungwoo has exported products to overseas military clients, and has product-quality that can compete with overseas competitors.

There are aircraft tow tractors that are essential among an airport’s ground-support equipment. When the aircraft needs to move on the apron it has to be towed by a tow truck. Jungwoo’s main purpose in manufacturing tow trucks is to be customer-friendly and safe. In addition, end of the production is proceed by own test site through some tests, traction and braking force. Such examination is helpful to develop completion of the product. Like as aircraft refueler air force and overseas quality good enough for an export contract is established of producing a tow truck.

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