Steel Pipes & Fittings

[INQ. NO. 2209M27] Prior to the new era of eco-friendly markets, Taesung Steel’s 3-layer coated steel pipe is inseparable with the water industry. Their PE 3-layer coated steel pipes are used in various industries such as water supply, sewage, general water, agricultural and industrial water.

With competitive and top-level technology, Taesung Steel can cover all types of steel pipes and pipe joints according to needs of different industrial groups and practical situations, and provide high-quality products through the same tests and inspections equivalent to international standards.

In particular, through grit blasting processes, it can effectively removed oxides, PE oil, and foreign substances on the internal surface of steel pipes to enhance the adhesion of paint, thereby to prevent the early peeling and improve durability of the coating layer by 75% compared with other existing ones.

The paint applied to the inner surface of the steel pipe does not detect harmful substances and uses eco-friendly paint containing “Illite.” This is a substance made of natural materials such as sericite, which contains an agent that has excellent antibacterial deodorization and generates far infrared rays that are beneficial to the human body.

Polyethylene three-layered coated steel pipes & fittings by powder fusion
It has a semi-permanent life expectancy due to outstanding chemical resistance in malignant soil such as acidity and alkali, and has resulted in preservation of more than 90% of the entire product after 25 years of use (80% of trust level).

It is possible to make customized fittings such as special deformed fittings, and specific shaped fittings can be made in any form.

In addition, Taesung Steel has recently developed an automatic welding system for its continuous research on technology development and a sustainable future for the industry. Currently, this system is receiving a lot of attention from the steel pipe industry, and it has obtained certification through a test bed with the Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-WATER), and is in the process of accumulating data and commercializing. Taesung Steel will be proudly introducing new technologies in the near future. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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