Agricultural Motor Cart & Lift

[INQ. NO. 2210M30] Dongwon Tech Co., Ltd., a venture company that has launched a motor cart for agriculture for the first time in Korea, is taking the lead in the electric carrier industry based on the technology it has developed since its founding.

Thanks to such technology, DONGWON TECH signed a contract with a Japanese company named Ogiwara Engineering in December 2013 to export DW-3000 models.

Moreover, the company has developed and commercialized new models including an electric caterpillar carrier (DW-8008) used as a dump and a lift at the same time, an electric caterpillar lift (DW-8088), a tower wagon (DW-9000), and other models, based on its own technology.

Agricultural motor cart (DW-2007)
This model is equipped with four wheels and automatic dump and lift (1m 20cm) functions. It consists of a high-powered DC motor, batteries, and a controller. Equipped with both dumping and lifting functions, it is perfect for transporting manure, and can be used especially for warehouses. As it has multiple purposes, such as loading and transporting fruits, farm work efficiency can be greatly improved.

Agricultural lift (DW-8088)
As a caterpillar-type carrier, it comes with a lift function (over 2m). It consists of a high-powered DC motor, batteries and a controller.

Thanks to the high-lift function, it is ideal for loading things, and can be used especially for low-temperature warehouses. As it is applied with a caterpillar, it is not affected by any geographical features.

“Dongwon Tech is working hard to expand exports in the future and striving to enhance its R&D capacity so as to develop new products suitable for various crops and purposes, and aims to make it possible for more farmers to conveniently and safely use its products” explained the company’s CEO. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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