Air Purifier

The only sustainable air purification solution for oil, mist, or water vapor rich spaces
[INQ. NO. 2210M24] Khanfilter Co., Ltd. is developing and manufacturing products optimized for purifying the air in environments that are thick with oil mist and water vapor arising from cooking fumes – thanks to DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) technology. This technology is applied to most efficiently take care of diesel emission full of fine dust, oil mist and water vapor.

Khanfilter’s products have been designated as officially certified equipment of the Cooking Emissions Regulations of New York City’s Environment Bureau, making it the only Korean product in a market with high regulation barriers for competitors, especially for foreign companies.

The company’s products are divided largely into KhanPure, an indoor air purifier, and KhanPure Expert, an outdoor air purifier.

As for KhanPure, there are a number of models including stand types, slim types, ceiling types, etc. They can be installed in the house, restaurants or food factory.

Meanwhile, KhanPure Expert consists of 4-module types and 9-module types depending on the air volume discharged outside.

Reducing fine dust and bad smells at the same time, heat sterilizes 100% of germs and viruses in the filter
The company’s products are equipped with porous ceramic filters to continuously reduce fine dust and bad smells by more than 90%. The ceramic filters are made of unique porous materials with a porosity rate of 50% or more to absorb and get rid of fine dust and bad smells at the same time.

Self-cleaning technology with semi-permanent filters that require no replacement and cleaning, reducing maintenance costs
This is also an eco-friendly, high-tech product that collects fine dust and bad smells are decomposed and removed through catalytic reactions, eliminating secondary pollution.

The heat-sterilization effect due to utilizing the catalytic reaction of self-cleaning, the company’s unique technology registered for several international patents, provides spaces free of germs and viruses, unlike the existing filter technology, which raises concerns over secondary pollutants arising from filter contamination.

The Environment Bureau of California once announced that cooking smoke is the No. 1 cause of generating ultra-fine dust in urban areas. Khanfilter’s technology helps create a sustainable urban environment as it can keep urban air-quality clean and minimize energy-use without creating additional wastes. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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