[INQ. NO. 2210M09] L-Tie is made of carbon tool steel known as ATOS 780 that is mainly used for springs. It has an effect of controlling horizontal vibration by supporting walls & floors, and walls & ceilings.

In particular, the curved joint part and the figural feature elastically support the wall structure, thereby supporting the ceiling structure, and dispersing loads concentrated on the wall structure when vibration occurs. These two parts coupled with an anchor also help to disperse living and fixed loads of a building under normal conditions.

The size of the ‘L’ anchor, which may affect the gap (50mm), or the number of delta pieces used to connect the vertical part and the bracket, has also been considered.

This steel product made in Korea is not a simple stiffener, but a preventing and controlling system designed to absorb and restore shocks when experiencing an earthquake. In short, it has been developed to minimize damage while working, like a safety belt of a car.

Seismic Bracing
By benchmarking the performance of the American hold-down hardware and merits of the Japanese vibration control system, the company has developed seismic bracings that can beef up the resistance to shearing forces and absorb vibrations arising from an earthquake, especially for wooden houses.

Going one step ahead of the American hold-down hardware constructed at each corner of the shear walls, L-Tie is placed not only at every corner of the shear walls but also at the top and bottom of the most vulnerable openings (windows), to provide added protection in the event of an earthquake, offering differentiated features as it can prevent distortions or damage to shear walls.

Being made of carbon tool steel known as ATOS 780 used for automobile plate springs, the seismic bracing hardware of L-Tie has a certain level of elasticity, enabling it to absorb seismic waves, external shocks or vibrations and restore and maintain the original form. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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