Expansion Tanks


[INQ. NO. 2210M16] Expansion tanks are used to protect pipes and equipment by absorbing expansion in tanks and boilers or pipes.

When a boiler is in operation, the expansion of pressure and the volume of heating water circulating inside the pipeline damages the facility. At this time, an expansion tank in the pipeline offsets the volumetric expansion of the hot water.

Expansion tanks can be freely installed in places such as underground machine rooms and rooftops, so they can help users efficiently utilize space. Depending on their shapes and sizes, their applications vary a great deal. It is also possible to install them directly on facilities.

Shinchang Industry Co., Ltd. is not only directly producing diaphragms through more than 30 years of experience in rubber molding, but also has an integrated production site with a press factory, an exterior painting factory, and painting facilities.

Therefore, the company can easily secure differentiated production and cost competitiveness in the expansion tank business.

Verification of Built-in Expansion Tanks’ Quality
Shinchang verified the quality of built-in expansion tanks through their indirect export to various markets abroad through a Korean boiler company.

The company has gained the expertise necessary to maintain and improve the quality of diaphragms as well as create applications with unique rubber qualities thanks to its ten years of export experience.

In addition, Shinchang has secured diaphragm manufacturing technology that meets European EN and DIN standards by having a nationally accredited research institute analyze diaphragm materials and properties.

These days, diaphragms in expansion tanks for the Korean built-in market are subject to a KS standard created by Shinchang.

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