Medical Oxygen Generator

[INQ. NO. 2210M18] NF Co., Ltd. was founded to save people’s lives under the motto of ‘Saving Lives.’ The company is manufacturing and distributing equipment that generates oxygen, which is invisible but directly related to life in a situation where it is scarce throughout the world due to COVID-19.

The medical oxygen generator can replace the oxygen cylinder currently used in hospitals. When installed, it is able to continuously produce oxygen for 24 hours all year long for patients.

So, the inconvenience of replacing, keeping, and ordering cylinders caused by their use in hospitals could be reduced and the risk of their explosions could be avoided as well.

Compact Oxygen Generator
Moreover, there is no need for other facilities when installing this oxygen generator as it is compact-sized and can be installed in any place where cylinders are installed, making it different from other companies’ huge oxygen-producing plants.

Used in Some 800 Places Nationwide
With an oxygen purity level of 93+-3%, it can be safely used for medical purposes. And, as it has already satisfied 4Bar, which is the pressure level required by hospitals, the product is being used in some 800 hospitals in Korea.

NF was the first to obtain certification of complex medical devices in Korea and has been manufacturing them since then. Since the company’s oxygen generator was categorized into the medical insurance cost application in 2021, hospitals can ask for relevant medical insurance costs when it is introduced. Thanks to the world’s first oxygen module automation system, the company is able to produce 100,000 oxygen modules annually through its unmanned automation process.

NF has a patent that the oxygen produced by its oxygen generator grafted with its own antibacterial technology is free of dust, germs, and viruses. NF is exporting its medical oxygen generators to India, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, and other countries. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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