Turbo Blowers & Turbo Compressors


[INQ. NO. 2210M20] Since its establishment in 2015, Turbowin Co., Ltd. has grown rapidly, and gained a strong position as a leading turbo-blower- and turbo-compressor – manufacturer in Korea.

Turbowin actively differentiates itself from other competitors by offering the widest range of product lineups (including 19 models, with power range covering from 1 HP to 1500HP and pressure range from 0.4 bar to 9 bar).
Equipped with its accumulated know-how and experience, Turbowin is specialized in motor technology and is able to offer a wide range of products based on the 100% zero oil system.

The company has developed core technologies such as a high-efficiency impeller, air foil bearing, permanent magnet motor, and patented dual air motor cooling system; and it offers a full package with a variable frequency device (VFD) control system consist of optimized products from reliable brands.

Turbo blower with highest recorded actual efficiency
In addition, with high durability and efficiency (the highest-recorded actual efficiency of Turbowin blowers is up to 57.9%), along with energy-saving features and low maintenance costs, the company’s products have high competitiveness compared to similar products on the market, and is an attractive choice for customers.

Turbowin’s products are also highly customizable for absolute satisfaction as well as providing a great user experience. The company offers its customers a wide range of choices, with product options available such as Outdoor, Anti-Explosion, Smart (integrated with IoT technology allowing Smart Connection to mobile phones and tablets).

Turbowin seeks to contribute to sustainable and prosperous growth worldwide by providing reliable and clean air solutions across various industries – from wastewater, to chemicals, and semiconductors.

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