ET Carts

[INQ. NO. 2211M07] Yeollin Sesang Co., a company that manufactures carts by using plastic materials (ABS and PP), rather than the existing steel or stainless materials, has developed ET cart that is good for displaying and using equipment.

ET cart is made of a plastic composite material of ABS and aluminum.

This product is well designed to make equipment look outstanding when it is placed on the rack.

As ET cart is able to hold up to 25kg, it should be very suitable for you to put your equipment on.

Depending on users’ needs, ET cart comes in the following three models: ET-50, ET-100 and ET-200.

In order to enhance convenience when using equipment, you may choose any of the options including hangers, hand holders, holders, bins, and baskets, depending on your needs.

As ET cart can be packed as a finished product or as an assembly type, you can save logistics costs and properly use the space in the warehouse, according to your needs.

Moreover, Utility cart, which is made of plastic materials (ABS and PP), rather than the existing stainless-steel materials, comes in 100 models (YDS series, Y series, YM series and YS series) for you to choose from various options.

In particular, the Y series, YM series and YS series are coupled by using female and male screws so that the user is able to assemble and dissemble them manually. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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