Smart Beer Dispenser

[INQ. NO. 2211M45] The self-beer dispenser that can contribute to creating a smart and enjoyable beer culture is a machine designed to convert a traditional pub into a smart one, equipped with technologies. You can run your pub in a smart way by using hardware, software, and communication technologies.

Customers can use the self-beer machine by using their RFID tags. As such, the machine provides a simple and intuitive way for customers to have their beer by simply touching the screen with their RFID-based wrists or PVC cards.

The amount of beer dispensed by each of the customers is measured in ml and transmitted to the dedicated software program (POS) for them to pay conveniently later.

In contrast to a traditional pub where customers have to order pre-set amounts of beer, they can choose their favorites and pour as much as they want with the self-beer dispenser, allowing them to enjoy the machine and increasing their beer satisfaction. And customers can choose whether to pay in advance or later, depending on the pub’s payment policy.

Customers to Serve Themselves
A smart pub equipped with the self-beer machine makes it possible for customers to serve themselves innovatively, while increasing the pub’s business efficiency.

Other than the self-function, it provides smart functions such as blocking improper use, measuring the amount of beer left, detecting sold-out beers, etc., by utilizing POS, real-time communications, and sensor technologies.
And the design goes well with your pub’s interior to make the pub look more attractive. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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