Special Tires for Agriculture, Port and Construction


[INQ. NO. 2211M39] HUNG-A is Korea’s only special tire manufacturer, producing tires for agriculture, ports, and construction based on technical expertise and know-how accumulated over nearly 70 years since its founding in 1951.

HUNG-A manufacturers tires for tractors with excellent traction power, comfortable ride quality and durability, tires for loaders and dozers that are very durable to withstand abrasion, cutting and chipping, tires for dock equipment that can minimize deformation when moving high-weight cargoes, and tires for forklifts with long mileage and durability.

Their products are so excellent that leading domestic and overseas automakers select their products as original equipment.

Collaboration with global agricultural machinery and industrial equipment makers is underway
They are moving forward with a strategy to collaborate with CNH and BOBCAT, international manufacturers of agricultural machines and industrial equipment, as a new business in 2022.

Sales are increasing significantly in North America, mainly of agricultural tires, and exports, to various countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Oceania are also increasing.

From product design to complete product production can be done with own technology
Everything, from product design to complete product production, can be done with its own technology and various certifications requested from foreign countries can be also provided. Furthermore, assembled items can be provided after self-producing tires and wheels, so price competitiveness can be secured.

The CEO of the company explained, “We are realizing synergy management through systematic cooperation and win-win by expanding into various other areas, not only special tires for agriculture, port, and construction but also information and communication areas.”

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