Super-light Diamond Cup Wheel

[INQ. NO. 2211M55] Sewon Tech Korea, which manufactures professional-line diamond tools, has been active in the diamond tools industry for over 25 years and is a representative Korean company in this field.

Most of the products are produced through Sewon Tech Korea’s own research and development, and it is a diamond tools company with solid technology.

Sewon Tech Korea’s main products are diamond segments for concrete floor grinding diamond cup wheels, resin pads, etc. In particular, it has long-accumulated know-how and a number of patented products in the field of concrete grinding.

About three times lighter than the existing diamond cup wheel of the same size
Sewon Tech Korea recently launched a UFO cup wheel. The biggest feature of the UFO cup wheel is that it is very light in weight. It is about three times lighter than the existing diamond cup wheels of the same size.

Since the product is light in weight, work fatigue from using it is significantly reduced, and especially when using a battery-type hand grinder, battery consumption is low, so it is possible to work on a large area at once.

The second feature is that it is a dual-function product that can do both grinding and removing operations. In general, diamond cup wheels for grinding use metal cup wheels made of diamond, and PCD cup wheels for removing use diamond cup wheels made of PCD.

However, UFO Cup is a product that combines the strengths of these two products, and it is characterized by being able to remove not only very strong concrete grinding but also thin paint, epoxy, and even thin urethane.
Lastly, the UFO cup wheel is equipped with a shock absorber at the rear, which absorbs the shock from the wrist and enables more comfortable work. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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