Bearings for LNG Pumps

[INQ. NO. 2303M09] HANIL HIGHTECH, which has grown into a leader in the special bearings used in high-tech industries such as semiconductors and displays since its founding in 1999, is expanding its business territory into energy, aerospace, medical, and the defense industry, in line with the
development of Korea’s advanced industries.
Bearings for LNG pumps are, being affected by the axial thrust forces, used in severe environments in extremely low-temperature environments of -163˚C ~ -196˚C. HANIL HIGHTECH’s bearings for LNG pumps can exert the best performance in high-speed and high-load conditions in deep frozen environments

HANIL HIGHTECH’s bearings for LNG pumps are categorized as high-speed turning bearings, and high-precision bearings. Bearings for LNG pumps are excellent in corrosion resistance and wear-resistance. They also perform well at low temperature.
HANIL HIGHTECH’s bearings for LNG pumps are actively applied to turbo pumps of aerospace projectiles, transfer pumps of cryogenic liquefied gas, and defense industry weapon projectiles.

HANIL HIGHTECH has its own ultra-low-temperature bearing test equipment. By evaluating bearing performance and lifetime in the cryogenic environment (LN2) using cryogenic test equipment, the reliability of the ball bearings
manufactured using the ultra-low temperature ball bearing equipment has been proven. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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