Industrial Inkjet Marking and Coding Printers


[INQ. NO. 2304M04] Established in 1996, Intermac Co., Ltd. is an industrial inkjet marking machine manufacturer. It was the fi rst company in Korea to successfully develop a Drop-on-Demand (DOD) technology inkjet marking machine. At that time, it succeeded in replacing numerous imported inkjet marking machines with its own domestically produced models.
Intermac currently produces not only DOD printers, but also other types of inkjet printers such as TIJ and PIEZO printers. It is the largest industrial inkjet marking machine manufacturer in Korea, with distributors in more than 40 countries around the world.

All three types of inkjet printers of the RED JET brand provide a Window-based user interface. In addition, since
it is available in about 29 diff erent languages, various customers from all over the world can use the marking printers very easily. Intermac is supplying its own automatic fl ushing units, optional brackets, etc. – in order to provide the best marking quality in various fi elds with diff erent characteristics, so user satisfaction is very high. In the case of RED TIJ products, which are in the greatest demand these days, Intermac — as an HP-technology license agreement company — provides very stable quality with its TIJ systems developed based on HP technology. In addition, to protecting the cartridge consumable sales market of distributors in each country, each distributor is provided with a diff erent dealer code.
At Interpack 2023, Intermac is scheduled to launch the new TIJ system. For customers who want to print higher than the existing 1/2-inch maximum print height, it has already launched a 1-inch system that can mark by installing a 1-inch cartridge. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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