Plastic Strapping Band


[INQ. NO. 2304M02] Daeeun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a specialized PP band
and PET band manufacturer that has been gaining customer satisfaction
by rationalizing the packaging industry to meet customer needs and
expectations since 1979.
Daeeun Industrial has manufactured production automation
equipment for PP band with its own technology through ceaseless
research, and is contributing greatly to exports while keeping pace with
global advanced technology.

Daeeun Industrial is leading an efficient and eco-friendly packaging culture by thinking and researching from the customer’s point of view. The plastic strapping band manufactured by Daeeun Industrial is eco-friendly, and PP and PET materials are completely recyclable.

PP band
The PP band is widely recognized by customers for its excellent quality as high-quality packaging material with various specifications, fine quality, and vivid colors depending on the packaging purpose or method. Types available include standard bands, printed bands, and anti-static bands.


PET band
The PET band does not loosen easily, even in the event of an impact, so it has tensile strength and elasticity at the same time, thus ensuring solid packaging. In addition, it is resistant to moisture, so it does not rust like an iron band and does not corrode when exposed to ultraviolet rays. There is also less risk of getting one’s hands dirty or injured, and there is a cost-reduction benefit of about 20% compared to steel bands. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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