Induction Sealing Solutions

[INQ. NO. 2304M06] Since its establishment in 1998, TRUESEAL CO., LTD. has been commanding the largest share in Korea in the field of induction sealing automation, especially induction cap sealers, no-cap sealer fi eld based on its excellent technology and field experiences, and is favored by consumers and dealers for its outstanding after service.

Manual induction cap sealer
OSTS 1000 is a manual induction cap sealer designed to ensure convenience / stability / durability based on its modular structure. The model can be used conveniently for all kinds of bott les. In particular, it is a model suitable for small and medium-sized business and laboratories that produce small quantities in various sealing sizes.

Automatic induction cap sealer
OSTS3000ATC is an automatic air-cooled induction aluminum-foil sealer suitable for automatic production lines.
Its modular structure is convenient for production & sealing. Adopting innovative coil turning technology, the all-in-one sealer no longer requires head exchange on sealing the various bott le sizes and on production speed.
It adopted newly developed technology and high production speed of over 200 bpm.

Semi-automatic induction no-cap sealer
TOD 1000CL is a semi-automatic induction no-cap sealer designed to specialized for perfect sealing without error. It is can seal a bott le without a cap in easy and accurate in production. It is advantageous for checking the status just after sealing bott les and to seal various bott les with easy change and less time. It is a very suitable system for perfect sealing without error. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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