Elderly Care Product


Portable Sitz Bath Bidet
[INQ. NO. 2305E17] Portable Sitz Bath Warm Water Bidet (SR-5000MB) is a unique and innovative solution for elderly persons and their caregivers. Unlike traditional portable toilets, this device off ers warm water for anal cleansing and drying, ensuring comfort even during cold winter months. The warm water Sitz bath function is eff ective for common elderly ailments, including anal disorders, prostate enlargement, and urinary incontinence.

As societies worldwide face an aging population, products like the Portable Sitz Bath Warm Water Bidet, which enhances convenience, hygiene, and human dignity, have promising prospects. A usability evaluation conducted with 50 seniors at the Seongnam Senior Innovation Center resulted in an impressive average score of 3.1 out of 4, indicating a positive response from potential users.

Bowontech, established in October 2009, specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced portable bidet toilets that incorporate warm water Sitz bath functions. Committ ed to contributing to society as a socially responsible company, Bowontech continually develops essential products for the aging population based on its in-house technical expertise.

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