Precision Measuring Instruments Inc. develops and manufactures semiconductor-related precision measurement equipment. The company’s plasma vertical precision measurement system (MCT-1000) is the only semiconductor-related precision measurement equipment produced in Korea, and has superior performance, compared with products of Taylor in the USA, dominating the world market.
The MCT-LCD Series is used for contact-leveling measurement of display CVD thin film deposition equipment. There are the wired MCT-1000 series and the wireless MCT-2000 series. 5CH and 9CH are adopted as channels. This series minimizes the influence of external noise and has a function to automatically stop overload and features high precision. This series also boasts a convenient user interface of the HMI.
The MCT-SEM Series is designed to measure the contact leveling of semiconductor CVD film deposition equipment. The wireless MCT-4000 Series belongs to the MCT-SEM Series. There are 200mm, 300mm and 450mm models. The MLL Series is used as a tool for specifying laser flatness. The MLL Series features high accuracy and an automatic analysis function. This series also has an automated analysis function.
MSOTEK is a specialized developer and manufacturer of high-precision measuring instruments based on sensors and optical inspection & measurement technology. The company provides more reliable quality-assessment data through the analysis and management of measurement systems by experienced sensor- and optical-inspection technicians. MSOTEK is trying to hit its straps to launch products and search for new R&D sectors since moving into a new headquarters in Daejeon in 2012.
MSOTEK possesses various technological capabilities and is able to inspect and repair parts used in the field. Of special note, industry experts are saying that since its establishment in 2009, MSOTEK’s sensor technology and optical technology, which have been secured through steady technology development, have been widely applied in the field, thus contributing greatly to the further development of display and semiconductor industries.
MSOTEK’s space measurement devices (MCT-Series) and broken glass detectors (GBDR Series), which are the main products of MSOTEK, are highly convenient and economical management equipment and have been gaining in great popularity in the industry. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Portable Electrical Precipitator portable electrical precipitator produced by AIRTECH 21 Co., Ltd. is a dust collector that can automatically diffuse the compressed air inside the cartridge filter to completely eliminate fine particles. The filters are easily removable without using a flynut. Its exclusive design realizes phenomenal wind volume and wind pressure as well as high efficiency and low noise.
Displaying the dust accumulation status on an analog or digital differential pressure gauge, it notifies the user when to replace the filter. The dust box installed on the bottom of the main body can be easily detached with one touch, allowing the user to re-collect dust and raw materials.
AIRTECH 21’s multi-purpose precipitator can be applied for various usages as it can collect different kinds of dusts, wet process, dry process, fume, gold and silver works, etc. It operates the motor stably by releasing oil and moist inhaled through the intake into the side section not passing the motor part. It can be easily assembled because internal and external covers are disassembled merely by opening a one-touch lever when cleaning.
Durability of the product has been increased by mechanical design, and with the practical structure, it has a competitive price compared to the capacity of other products. Damage to the turbo-type impeller is prevented by a detachable chip. It can be cleaned with the ceramic coated filter for a long time.
Currently, AIRTECH 21 is developing technologies such as high-efficiency filters, highly advanced precipitation methods, etc., and exports various products to different countries for the first time in Korea. Also, it retains patents, utility models, registration of design, CE certificates, ISO certificates, etc.
Various hazardous substances that are emitted from industrial sites are becoming a social issue because they pollute the environment and have a great impact on operators’ health.
Based on its establishment philosophy, AIRTECH 21 has sought to constantly research and produce excellent precipitators and satisfy customers with differentiated service. As a result, it has become a competitive company among various companies already occupying the market.
AIRTECH 21 is committed to being a company that is reliable and creates new values through steady development of technologies and consistent management innovation. AIRTECH 21 is producing the best precipitators based on a philosophy of a clean and safe operational environment without harmful substances as the foundation for the health of individuals and social harmony. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Couplings Machinery Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer that started production of precision couplings in 1991 for the first time in Korea. Through consistent effort of research and development, now Sung-il Machinery has the most various coupling product lines in the world.Apart from couplings, Sung-il Machinery has also been doing its best to make the (Factory Automation (FA) industry in Korea more competitive than before, along with its other machine components including support units for ball screws, connecting shafts, A.P locks, etc.
The coupling not only delivers the power and motion of the drive shaft at the same time to the drive shaft, but also absorbs the deterioration factors (vibration, noise, and micro current) of the misalignment and other equipment.
The safety coupling performs the functions of both power transmission and protective function against overload by combining the features of a coupling and torque limiter.
The A.P. lock connects the shaft and hubs (pulley, gear, etc.) simultaneously and features the holding of various options of various sizes, materials, and surface treatment.The support unit for the ball screw supports the shaft ends of the ball screws precisely. Sung-il Machinery supports various units for ball screws, depending on sizes, weight, and use.

Product Lines
As the company is preparing to advance into Industry 4.0, equipment technology for the FA industry has been accelerating rapidly and so are FA markets all over the world. In this regard, it now aims to be the world’s best, equipped with significant know-how. The company has accumulated experience as a local major player in Korea over a long period.Sung-il Machinery currently operates two overseas branches – one in China and the other in Japan. Besides, it has a broad global network, exporting its specialized machine components to more than 30 countries. Moreover, it keeps seeking to expand its sales territory as much as possible. Sung-il Machinery is committed to keeping “Customer Satisfaction” as its first priority core value. It aims to remain a reliable supplier, ensuring that its customers are always satisfied with its services – supreme quality, reasonable pricing and short lead-time. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Energy-saving Controller Inc. specializes in manufacturing controllers for the field of environment measurement and refrigerating and air-conditioning and stands out in the energy-saving solution market starting with the industrial air compressor energy-saving controller VSD+. The inverter controlling type that minutely controls the number of rotations of the compressor motor with a frequency is one of the qualified energy-saving technologies that are being rapidly introduced to home appliances.
Dotech’s VSD+ is a device consuming the most electricity in the general manufacturing facility. The key point of the high efficiency air compressor is the compressor control applying the inverter. It is a qualified energy-saving technology with rapidly increasing usage in the air compressor field as well as the refrigerating and air-conditioning field.
This controller can save power consumption significantly by properly adjusting the number of rotations of the motor of the air compressor suitable for the usage of compressed air by controlling the inverter. The VSD+ series is the outer mounted controller maximizing energy efficiency by changing the control type (Y-∆) to the inverter control oriented VSD (Variable Speed Control) type by installing on the general industrial air compressor. Because most existing air compressors cannot control the speed of the internal motor, it cannot avoid unnecessary energy consumption as it is operating at almost 100% output regardless of the usage of air to maintain the mobility stand-by status.
On the other hand, if applying the VSD+, the device’s operation efficiency can be increased significantly by finely controlling the number of rotations of the compressor according to the usage of air in real-time. In particular, for the fields where no-load operating time is long or load and no-load operating is working frequently in turn, up to energy can be saved up to 30~40%.
Calculating the annual electricity rate for the case of operating the 100-horsepower air compressor for 8,000 hours after installing the VSD+, approximately 19.7 million won and 19,008 ton CO2 (based on 75kW, load factor 60%, electricity charge 120 won) can be saved compared to pre-installation. It can succeed in killing many birds with one stone, including reduction of electricity charges, extension of life of major parts, reduction of CO2, etc., by removing unnecessary operation of the device. Under ordinary circumstances, the installation fee can be recovered in 1~2 years with energy-saving costs. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Couplings is a professional manufacturer of automation and machine tool parts.
With the endless efforts, passion, superior technology and strict quality control, DURIMITEC is developing into a much higher level producer on a steady basis, with the aim to become a globally competitive maker of automation and machine tool parts.
DURIMITEC responds quickly and flexibly to the needs of customers in order to realize the value of the most memorable experience beyond mere satisfaction.
The company’s couplings are jaw-type flexible couplings. They are highly stiffness jaw couplings for machine tools, optimized for machine tool spindles and conveying axis. High torque transmission coupling balancing is excellent.
The required material for DRJT coupling is aluminum alloy with high stiffness, so inertia moment is low. It is thus ideal for high speed rotation.
The vibration occurred by eccentricity or declination when rotation is absorbed by the sleeve. Backlash is zero.
DRDA is a disk-type of flexible coupling. This is a highly stiffness disk coupling for machine tool. It has zero backlash.
The necessary material is aluminum alloy with high stiffness, so inertia moment is low. It is optimal for machine tool spindle and conveying axis. Due to assembly using a dedicated jig, this ensures high concentricity. It is possible to specify total length. It offers a variety of options such as processing keyway.
DURIMITEC has made massive investments in R&D, workforce, and facilities, for developing couplings for machine tools. The company has realized cost-savings of 20~30 percent lower prices compared to imported products, and thereby maintaining stable supply prices without concerns over exchange rates.

DURIMITEC is aggressively responding to the swiftly changing part industry’s paradigm based on its sales strategies targeting not only for the domestic market but also for potential overseas markets.
The company’s continuous growth is also attributable to its internal strategic approaches for bigger growth. The company’s CEO wholly assigns the works of product sales and distribution parts to workers, focusing his attention on R&D activities in cooperation with engineers in the field and devoting his considerable energy in participating in domestic and overseas exhibitions for marketing results. In particular, after focusing on elevating the trust level with its customers, the company’s global awareness could be heighted. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Plastic Cable Chains System’s CPS products are used in automotives, railways, shipyards, airports, thermoelectric power plants, semiconductors, brewing, and the wind-power plant industry where electric wires and air & hydraulic hoses are installed. The CPS products that the company manufactures include cable chains, flexible tubes, connector and electric wires and air & hydraulic hoses, etc.

CPS Mini Chain
CPS Mini Chain is widely used for automation production line and equipment. Cable chain is made of polyamide 6 with glass fiber that helps cable chain perform excellent durability in speedy operating environment. CPS Mini Chain can bear up to 15m/s² of operating conditions. Required operating condition is 6m/sec. There are four series of CPS Mini Chain and CPS030, 033 can be applied to long travel operating environments.
CPS Mini Chain is used for feed loaders, machining tools, cranes, automated teller machines, cartesian coordinate robots, claw machines, conveyor transfer equipment, etc.

Shift Chain
Shift Chain features excellent performance of unsupported length, with easy assembly and disassembly. This is a CPS’ best-selling type of cable chain. When customers especially take account of the factor of ‘unsupported length’, Shift Chain will be a right choice to be selected. There are ‘BR’ (Bending Radius) that determines shift chain’ value of bending radius. Shift Chain is widely used in various environments and it helps customers maintain stock of each part of the shift chain, which means that the shift chain has a simple structure for users to either assemble or disassemble by themselves.
Shift Chain is designed for injection molding machines, extruders, packaging machines, cleaning machines on automobile production lines, feed loaders, machining tools, cranes, cartesian coordinate robots, conveyor transfer equipment, multitasking machine tools, etc.

Sabin Chain & Guide Channel System



Sabin Chain is suitable to be applied for high-speed operation in an environment requiring low noise. Sabin Chain is also a marketable CPS’ Cable chain series. There is a ‘Holding Pin’ unit that helps Sabin Chain operates in very smooth conditions. CPS passed through noise level test by TUV Rheinland Group and acquired 30dB level of noise.
The Sabin Chain & Guide Channel System are used for gantry loaders, robot carriage equipment, cleaning machines, machining tools in automobile production lines, brake apparatus on semiconductor production lines, injection molding machines, extruders, packaging machines, feed loaders, machining tools, cranes, Cartesian coordinate robots, conveyor transfer equipment, multitasking machine tools, etc.

Unity Systems
Unity systems are an innovative integral solution by unifying cable chains and bracket supporters.
If customers purchased the cable chain only, they have to consider a ‘Support Unit’ to guide cable chains’’ stable operation. Unity Systems was developed to eliminate this task that customers experience. ‘Guide Channel’ named GC and ‘Guide Channel’ + ‘Free End Bracket’ named ‘GC.FEB’ are assembled at cable chain and supplied to customers. It helps customers to reduce time and to save costs of making the ‘Support Unit’ by themselves.
The unity systems are made for equipment for vertical hanging/standing and side mounted applications such as test handlers, inspection equipment, etc.
CP System Co., Ltd. supplies cable chains, flexible tubes, connectors which are protective components of electric cables and robot dress pack system. This company is now exclusively producing, localizing and supplying all products in the domestic market as a leader in the fields.
CP System obtained ISO 9001(KOR-483-01, ISO 14001(K1356.05) and many international quality certifications such as UL, VDE, IPA, CE, TUV and ASTM. And CP System won NET(New Excellent Technology) Mark, issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology. CP System was once designated as a venture, promising small and medium-sized, innovative technology and management firm. Beyond these acknowledgments mentioned above, it has won various awards by the government, which proves how much effort it made. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Couplings Coupling was founded in 1992 as a specialized industrial power transmission components manufacturer. Korea Coupling has been supplying high-quality, innovative, and valued products to various industries such as mining, paper, food, and marine industries, as we as chemical, steel and cement mills.
Korea Coupling manufactures various types of industrial couplings such as steel flex, rigid, flexible, and elastomeric couplings that are mainly used in hydraulic machineries, pumps, compressors, blower fans, conveyors, cranes, and thrusters as well as for general power driven industrial equipment.
Steel flex rigid production lines are compact size of shaft-to-shaft couplings that can handle high torque and speed capacity. They are able to deflect torsionally when subjected to normal shock or vibratory loads, so they are able to handle changing load conditions and are free to rock, pivot, and float. These coupling types accommodate angular misalignment but do not accommodate parallel displacement of the shaft.
Elastomeric production lines are advanced and innovative material selection allows for a higher capacity of torque and speed, and they are non-lubricated so that lack of need for lubrication decreases recurrent maintenance costs, material-flexing couplings constructed of a specially formulated material designed for maximum durability, strength and fatigue resistance.
The flexible elastomeric products provide excellent shock-absorbing properties that reduce vibration and tensional oscillation. By isolating vibrations between machines and motors, workplace noise emissions are considerably reduced, greatly improving the workplace environment.
In addition to mechanical isolation, the products ensure perfect electrical isolation between shafts, thus removing an important cause of bearing failure.
Korea Coupling has developed an innovative production process which is based on an automation system. All production quality control is managed under ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. RoHS is certified for environmental and acquired DNV-GL certification for marine industries.
Korea Coupling has had experience in over 30 countries. Through its experience, it has been recognizing development trends in high-value-added machinery, industrial equipment and catching up on future technology trends for the convergence of industries. Korea Coupling is creating and serving the best products in the duration to its valued partners with supporting a higher standard of performance and consistently does its utmost to ensure valuable quality and services. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Centrifugal Humidifier Industry’s centrifugal humidifier has various space usages (on-wall), and it is easy to carry by its handle. This product has a problem-free simple structure and ensures high-durability. It shows good features for chemical disinfection & deodorization. This product deserves to be briskly used for electronics, textiles, tobacco factories, low-temperature warehouses, and mushroom cultivation.Users need to set it up horizontally to control the water level. The connecting wire needs to be long enough for use. Users should have the water tank checked and cleaned periodically. If there is no humidification, users need to turn the power off and check the water level. If water overflows, operators need to turn the water tap off and check the float valve.Under the motto of Realization of Dreams with Courage and Wisdom, Faran Industry has striven for the past 10 years to serve the national interest by exporting the best quality products and maintaining the highest standards of service, based on strong international competitiveness deriving from its special corporate objectives: culture, strategy, planning and management. Faran Industry is committed to becoming one of the global leading companies in its field in this century. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Portable Air Conditioners’s portable air conditioner features the so-called “spot cooling” for large areas where cooling of entire areas is impractical like factories, open areas, etc. These conditioners are much more economical to provide cool air to people or material directly, rather than entire cooling. This product also provides a “room-cooling” function for closed areas to control the temperature of the area.
This product employs a convenient digital controller, the use of which is very convenient and easy. This controller is equipped with many functions including self-diagnosis adjusting airflow, remote control, and auto restart. The condensation tank can also be installed in a portable air conditioner to store the water that comes out from exchanging of heat. The sturdy castors are installed in the air conditioner, featuring anti-corrosion, and made with high strength material. These castors are convenient self-fixing devices.
Weltem’s portable air conditioners are being used in IT environments, industrial kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, multiple factory offices, multi-work stations, vessels, sports rooms, military use-tents, and aircraft hangars. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger a compact brazed plate heat exchanger leads to an 85~90% reduction in the volume and weight of a shell-and-tube exchanger of the same capacity.
Features of high working temperature (+185C), high working pressure (180kg/cm), low working temperature (-160C), and low working pressure (2×10-5 Torr, vacuum) are available.
A brazed plate heat exchanger is made of stainless steel AISI 316L in order to withstand tough demands. The compact and smooth surface and design makes it easy and cost-effective to insulate.
Since its founding in 1985, Dongil Brazing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the plate heat exchanger and D-MAX boiler. All employees are certified technical masters, engineers, and technicians and working hard with pride to produce world-best products. The R&D center spares no effort for R&D. The plant produces the best quality products. The offices around Korea provide perfect sales plans and A/S to give customers complete satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods