Automatic Packing System

[INQ. NO. 2011M40] Hanbaeck Precision System, established on September 9, 2016, is focusing on the processing of semiconductor parts and the development of factory automation solutions as its main businesses. It is manufacturing machinery used for processing semiconductor parts and equipment used for factory automation as its main products.
Based on technical power and customers’ trust built up for many years, the company aims to become a leader in the sector of factory automation equipment and semiconductor parts.
With its experience in precise machining, the company will continue to strive to develop and produce machines used for factory automation and conduct R&D on the utmost technical power, production of relevant equipment and related technology in the same field.

Its automatic packing systems of automatic scales and combined scales are customized to the features of raw materials measured and used for food items, industries, SMEs and large-sized companies.
Thanks to their compact designs, the company’s products are suitable for raw materials requiring high speed and precision, and for the realization of factory automation by connecting with packing systems.
Its products are very easy to keep clean as they can be washed with water thanks to IP65 waterproofing. They are also very simple to clean and maintain as they can be detached without any tools.
The company uses module-based control systems to enhance the safety of its products, so users can save maintenance costs. With high precision and reasonable prices, the company can help realize automation of your company.
In order to keep pace with the rapidly changing factory automation machinery and the growth of manufacturing technology for semiconductor equipment, Hanbaeck Precision System strives to satisfy its customers with outstanding quality and punctual delivery.
Based on the company motto of “I will do it if someone else has to do, I will do it now if it has to be done someday, I will enjoy it if it has to be done anyway,” it will continue to advance. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Small Construction Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2011M39] Since its establishment in 1986, SHINYOUNG Co., Ltd. has continued to invest in R&D and technical development to become the best small construction equipment manufacturer in Korea.
The company has gained the trust of many customers at home and abroad – based on high-quality products and price competitiveness that meet customer satisfaction.
SHINYOUNG’s SYV series of concrete vibrator action units provide the utmost performance and power. With RPM of 3,000, the rotating parts get less worn out while helping to remove concrete bubbles to make the surface smooth and soft. It is possible to customize rubber hose length for each of the various diameters.

The rebar bender from the company is portable and designed to be continuously used through precise curves. Equipped with a latching device that is able to set two angles in advance, the rebar bender with powerful performance can save valuable working hours. Thanks to its efficient performance, one is able to very simply and safely conduct relevant jobs.
SHINYOUNG’s handy rebar cutter enables one to safely and efficiently cut rebar. The cutter is the lightest in weight, creates a precisely-balanced effect, and provides the most stable performance thanks to the superlatively forged body.
SHINYOUNG is also manufacturing a user-friendly compressor by using an aluminum pulley and rotor.
SHINYOUNG is producing a number of products on its own. And the company has acquired the quality certification mark of CE and is exporting its products manufactured in Korea to many countries around the world. The company is working hard to provide high-quality products to readily meet customers’ particular requests. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods