Fire Retardant Aluminum Composite Panel

Alcopanel FR

[INQ. NO. 2012M11] Since its founding in 1990, Alcopanel Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to creating products of the highest quality using the latest technology and strict quality control.
ALCOPANEL is a leading manufacturer specialized in Alcopanel, an aluminum composite panel. Its goal is to enhance the beauty of cities in the world and give satisfaction to its customers.
Alcopanel FR compounds are based on polyolefin and flame retardant materials that do not generate toxic gases, especially halogen gases, and have excellent low smoke properties.

Alcopanel FR compounds offer an optimized balance between mechanical and flame retardant properties.
Alcopanel FR is an aluminum composite panel consisting of two aluminum sheets and mineral infilled core.
Alcopanel FR achieved a high degree of sheet flatness control and its top surface is roller coated with the proven PVDF paint or fluorocarbon (Kynar 500) finish. Its underside aluminum sheet is also protected by a transparent layer of protective coating.
The construction of Alcopanel FR is extremely rigid and yet versatile enough to be formed into many shapes to suit architects’ and designers’ requirements.
Alcopanel can be easily cut, bent, curved and shaped with ordinary metal or wood machines. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Construction Heavy Equipment & Undercarriage Parts

Designing and Manufacturing Construction Machinery Parts

[INQ. NO. 2012M10] Since its establishment in 2006, CETEC has specialized in designing and manufacturing construction machinery parts, especially excavator undercarriage parts.
CETEC has thus been contributing to the heavy equipment industry development in Korea by supplying its excellent quality and competitiveness to domestic and overseas customers, with its unique skills in the development of overseas parts in Korea.
In addition, CETEC seeks the happiness of family and neighbors with necessary technology for the world that promotes human safety and minimizes the impact on nature through smart mechanical equipment and organic modularization through creative parts.

Parts Business
CETEC has developed and manufactured heavy equipment sub-parts that are sensitive to market trends at the forefront of the parts market.
In particular, CETEC is moving beyond the Korean market to overseas markets based on its experience and technology that has specialized in ‘rubber track’ and ‘rubber shoe pad’ products suitable for small excavators produced by major manufacturers in Korea, Japan and the USA, in cooperation with DRB, which has the best rubber track production facility in Korea for the past 15 years.

Used Construction Machinery Business
CETEC is operating the Korean branch of MASCUS, a world-renowned online used equipment trading site that is attracting more attention in the ‘untact’ era, attracting systematic real-time data and securing external reliability and price competitiveness of equipment.
The company’s representative director Seok-ho Bae noted that CETEC’s highly experienced staffs effectively provide convenient and rapid one-stop import and export services to heavy equipment sales and purchasing customers at most contact points with domestic and overseas construction machinery customers – including transactions by specific demand groups such as used cranes. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

SYP Rice Popper

[INQ. NO. 2012M09] SYP rice popper is equipment designed to make cakes and chips using only 100% natural grain, heat and pressure.
Shinyoung Mechanics Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing SYP rice popper since 2007. As of 2020, the company sold more than 3,200 SYP rice poppers in more than 70 countries.
SYP rice popper uses the grains produced in each country and manufactures various products that meet the preferences of local consumers.
Major products produced by SYP rice popper are gluten-free rice cake and corn cake, which are used instead of sliced bread or as a healthy diet and sold in grocery stores or organic food stores all over the world.

SYP rice popper can produce various products, such as healthy snacks for children and kids, cereal for weight-loss, seasoned snack chips, non-fried potato chips, cereal biscuit coated with chocolate, and so forth.
SYP rice popper can carry out many functions. It has a wide adjustable range and can pop various grains.
The popper comes in a compact size of 575m x 510mm x 1,490mm, which makes it easily portable. It generates only a small amount of noise, which makes it adequate not only for factories, but also for grocery stores and bakeries.
The popper can be operated automatically without a human operator, using PCL.

It operates under the TPR method, which automatically controls temperature. It can be used safely because it has a built-in safety sensor.
It is hydraulic – since it generates only a small degree of vibration, it is highly durable and does not break down easily. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Bio-food Extinguisher

[INQ. NO. 2012M08] Bio-food extinguisher, where food waste and all the moisture disappear in the air without any trace, the first in the world and unique food extinguisher using a low/normal temperature method without additional heating.
Mimicry Co.,Ltd. gained customers’ wide recognition of this product after about five years of sales for home and restaurant use through on-line shopping malls of big business groups as the unique functionality in the world that solved environmental and hygiene problems 100% with nothing to release.

The company started exporting to France, Switzerland, and Austria upon obtaining the Europe CE approval and then received the Grand Prize at the 2020 G-Fair Korea of the 23rd best product exhibition.
The purpose of the company’s technology development is to pass down to future generations the beautiful environment, treasuring clean rivers and seas.
For home usage, its maintenance expenses are less than KRW 700 won (US$ 0.60) per month without heating at all at the normal frequency of mixing food; and the annual replacement cost of its bio-chip is about from KRW 2,000 ~ 3,000 won (US$ 1.80 ~2.50).
Continuous use without releasing any food waste produced at home with this small amount of expense gives us confidence that it can be a breakthrough invention equal to a food disposal revolution that will solve perfectly all the problems caused by food waste.

For restaurant usage, starting with exporting to the European market and now expanding in the domestic market, it shall be the key to gradually solving all the problems of bad odors, hygiene, and the environment, caused by increasing quantities of food waste.
Mimicry has been focused on microorganisms and developing applied technologies. As a result, the company was able to achieve a groundbreaking invention in the area of bio-industry that come close to the 4th Industrial Revolution.
The patents used for the technology are: No. 10-14775945, No. 10-0611530 and No. 176991, and the technology is the only one that currently exists as a result of the company devoting itself to research and development for almost 40 years.

Receiving requests for technology partnerships from many buyers, Mimicry is currently looking forward to achieving global expansion in the near future. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Various Kinds of Lubricants & Auto Parts

[INQ. NO. 2012M07] DONGKWANG CORPORATION has been focusing on the export of automotive lubricants to Russia and Eastern Europe since its founding in 1992.
DONGKWANG is currently engaged in supplying auto spare parts and several kinds of lubricants including automotive lubricants, marine lubricants, and industrial lubricants.
For automotive lubricants, DONGKWANG provides customers with gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, and automotive gear oil.
For marine lubricants, DONGKWANG supplies cylinder oil for crosshead type diesel engines, system oil for crosshead type diesel engines, and engine oil for fishing boats.
For industrial lubricants, DONGKWANG supplies top-quality oils such as hydraulic oil, refrigerating machine oil, transformer oil, process oil, and liquid paraffin. In addition, DONGKWANG exports such automobile parts as filters, batteries, tires, etc.
Based on his experience in overseas trading at Dongjoo Industries, a paint company that used to be owned by Daewoo Group (a large Korean conglomerate), Mr. Sang-hoon Lee, the founder, pioneered the Far East Russian market immediately after Korea and Russia established diplomatic relations in 1990. Mr. Lee also has been taking the lead in introducing the products of excellent Korean SMEs to overseas markets using the professional trading company program of KITA.

Through the efforts of the CEO, DONGKWANG established more than 100 sales outlets all over Russia, including the cities of Moscow, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, St. Petersberg, etc.
DONGKWANG is also expanding its sales channels through Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, etc.
DONGKWANG received the USD 10 Million Export Award from the Korean government on the Trade Day, one of the major trade-related events in Korea, in 2009. DONGKWANG has been increasing its exports every year and is aiming to surpass the USD 50 million mark in exports.

Expansion into the markets for ship lubricants,
shipbuilding equipment and various kinds of ship’s spare parts

To diversify its export items, DONGKWANG has planned to actively expand into the markets for ship lubricants, shipbuilding equipment, and ship items.
To achieve its goal, DONGKWANG is acting upon its plans systematically, including relocating its offices to the International Ship Article Distribution Center, a free trade zone, and identifying new sourcing items.
Mr. Lee is currently serving the Busan Professional Trade Company Association as its chairman and working as a pioneer who paves the way for the excellent Korean SMEs to export their products to the world. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cylinder Block & Cylinder Head

[INQ. NO. 2012M06] Since 1947, Daedong Metals Co., Ltd. has domestically developed and manufactured cylinder blocks and cylinder heads for various diesel engines and MCV, and valve casings for a variety of heavy equipment, and more for the general industrial sector.
The company is proud of being a leader in the high-end casting industry in Korea. Daedong Metals supplies the best products with the motto of ‘Win-win Growth/Respect for Customers/Stable Process.’ Moreover, customer success is its highest value.

Daedong Metal was founded as the foundry department of Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. in May 1947 starting with the production of cast iron castings for agricultural machinery.
Daedong Metals has since succeeded in developing the engine cylinder heads of Hyundai Motor’s commercial vehicles.
In 1993, an independent corporation called Daedong Metal was established and listed on the KOSDAQ stock market.
In 1998, Daedong Metals developed agricultural machinery parts in cooperation with Kubota, a Japanese company, and castings were exported for the first time.

In 2009, Daedong Metal succeeded in domestic development of MCV (Main Control Valve), a key component of Volvo construction machinery excavators.
By 2013, Daedong Metal had diversified its domestic customers and started businesses with Doosan Infracore and LS MTron.

Since 2013, Daedong Metal has been focusing on initiating overseas business. Over the past three years, its average growth rate has been 30% for direct exports, and 151% for indirect exports, with a total of 78% growth. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods


Eco-friendly Mixers

[INQ. NO. 2012M05] DADA Corporation has been focusing on faucet production for the past 55 years to realize its dream of using water systems that are the most convenient and especially how to optimize connections for water.
Most of the company’s faucets have unique designs with modern emotion and dynamic feeling and hide details to the value of actual function, which reflect well what customers want to get.
Smooth lines, perfect surface quality, defined feeling, comfortable and cozy reflect its faucets’ general features, and in pursuit of current fashion, the company is always trying to grasp the latest trends. Best of the best and most eco-friendly are its most outstanding points.

By using the best raw materials and components with a combination of fully automated production system, rust problems on the surface of the faucet body are completely resolved and extended lifetime. In particular, its advanced automatic plating system will bring customers satisfaction, because coating thickness is very stable and thicker than international standards.
Having passed tough quality tests through 500,000 cycle test, 6 kg air pressure test, heat cycle test, salt spray test, etc., DADA’s mixers have a more stable and stronger structure than those of its competitors.

DADA is playing an important role as a leader in eco-friendly faucets through continuous efforts, and its faucets are reputed as the most pure and natural among many customers.
DADA produces many kinds of eco-friendly mixers that can reduce water consumption effectively, like its 3-step mixers that feature a special cartridge, sensor type mixer, touch- type mixer, and shower head using air-mixing technology.
In the area of general faucets, DADA is producing bath mixers, shower mixers, sink mixers, basin mixers, spray gun faucets, concealed mixers, rain showers, thermostat showers. The company also produces various kinds of bathroom accessories – including sliding bars, flush valves, and traps.

And in the area of color coated faucets, the company is producing mainly chrome plating, PVD coated faucets in colors of gold, dark gray, rose gold, etc., depending on order quantity, and it can supply any colored faucets required by the customer. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Bronze Casting Materials and Parts

[INQ. NO. 2012M04] GABSAN METAL Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in parts and materials. The company has been manufacturing nonferrous cast products for 30 years since 1990. The company manufactures copper special alloy products, such as Cu, Pbc, Bsc, Bc, Albc, and Hbsc.
The materials and parts manufactured by GABSAN METAL are used for the parts that function as bearings in the rubbing parts of steel manufacturing facilities, industrial machines (hydraulic press, forge press, extruders, catapults, shearing machine, cutters, lathes, milling machine, boat winches), ships, pot bearing for railway bridge seats, mold material, heat exchanger plates, hydraulic cylinder parts, etc.

Oilless bearings
Bearings are parts that support the shaft and reduce friction by being installed on the rotational and linear sliding parts of industrial machinery.
By pressing solid lubricant into the metal base material to supply lubricant to the friction surface, fine particles of the solid lubricant and the lubricant contained in the solid lubricant form a lubricating film during frictional motion.
Bearings that perform self-lubricating function even in a non-lubricating state are called oilless bearings.

Worm gear
The worm gear is the main part of the reduction gear that transmits power by lowering the rotational speed between the two shafts.
Used for various purposes such as traction machines for elevators, general industrial reducers, and worm gears in actuators

The bush (metal bearing) is mounted on the rotating part of industrial machinery to help supply lubricant.
A metal bearing that absorbs frictional heat generated by machine rotation, helps smooth frictional motion, prevents wear of parts, and helps precise machine operation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Gas Detectors

[INQ. NO. 2012M03] Gastron Co., Ltd. is a safety equipment manufacturer that produces gas-leak detectors, alarm signaling, flame detectors, and so forth.
Since its establishment in 1992, it has become a leading company in the industry and is now competing confidently with well-known foreign companies.
Explosion proof is certified and obtained formal approval of the fire equipment inspection corporation applicable to all products of this company that also possesses leading-edge technologies including ATEX and SIL2 certificates ―for the first time in domestic products and the only classification approval in the country.
Gastron’s main customers include semiconductor producers, chemical plants, steel companies, shipping companies, power plants, and gas manufacturers.
Gastron produces and sells variously sized and structured products for these companies, ranging from small companies to big enterprises.

Smart Flammable / Smart Diffusion Oxygen & Toxic Gas Detector <GTD-2000 Ex/Tx>
These two models are designed in explosion-proof construction for internal pressure, and have functions to detect inflammable gas or oxygen and toxic gas.
These were certified with KCs, IECEx, ATEX, SIL2, NEPSI, KR, MED, ABS, BV, DNV, CE, UL, KC, PESO, and TRCU, etc. These products are being offered at reasonable prices, compared with their own superior quality.

Flame Proof Type Diffusion Infrared Gas Detector<GIR-3000>
This is designed in explosion-proof construction for internal pressure, and has functions to continuously detect combustibility, as well as CO2, CO, and N2O gas.
By applying the new technology of infrared measuring devices, it offers fast response speed within six seconds. Its calibration and maintenance is simple, and it has more than five-year lifespan.
This model was certified with KCs, IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, KR, MED, ABS, DNV, KFI, CE, SIL2, UL, PESO, and TRCU, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Fuel Gas Supply System

[INQ. NO. 2011M23] DongHwa Entec is a leading company for shipbuilding and marine heat-exchanger equipment, and the company places the highest priority on meeting customer demand and satisfaction.
DongHwa Entec provides all types of heat exchangers required for the handling of a ship’s cargo and a ship’s navigation system, and various forms of heat exchangers such as S&T, plate, and fin type, and a variety of heat exchangers for diverse purposes including air coolers, plate coolers, and oil coolers.
DongHwa Entec has the best technological capabilities in the world for cryogenic heat exchangers specializing in cryogenic services used for LNG carriers, gas-propelled ships, and FSRUs. In addition to all of this, we are expanding our business into system engineering products including a BOG re-liquefaction system (DH-reli) and fuel gas supply system (DH–FGSS).
The fuel gas supply system (DH-FGSS) is a gas-propelled ship’s fuel-supply system. It is a system that makes LNG and BOG within the ship’s tank into a proper engine fuel supply.
The fuel gas supply-system consists of an LNG fuel tank, an LNG pumping system, a BOG compressing system, an LNG heating system, a BOG heating (cooling) system, a heating medium circulation system, a bunkering system, and a venting system. It supplies the system through system engineering that is optimized for project characteristics including small and large ships, high pressure and low-pressure engines.
DongHwa Entec provides a one-stop heat-exchanger service that is essential for heat collections and rotating equipment (turbine and compressor) in power generation and petrochemical plants ranging from the design, manufacture, and delivery to the follow up management.

A Global Leader in Cryogenic Heat Exchanger & System Engineering
DongHwa Entec, founded in 1980, supplies the best products in the heat-exchanger field to ships, starting with the repair of heat exchangers for ships. DongHwa Entec has established itself as a heat-exchange manufacturer in the power generation and plant industries as well. DongHwa Entec is entering various industrial fields including heat exchangers for cryogenic fluid’s liquefaction (LNG) and vaporization.
DongHwa Entec provides a wide range of energy-saving systems such as energy-saving systems that increase energy-saving efficiency of ship engines, LNG/LPG vaporizers, and HP vaporizers for FSRU, re-liquefaction heat-exchangers and FGSS (Fuel Gas Supply System) for BOG liquefaction, and MGO (Marine Gas Oil) cooling units.
Plant products are surface condensers, ejector condensers, gland condensers, inter/after coolers, air fan coolers, turbine cooling air coolers, and fuel gas heaters. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods